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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend roundup

It was a nice relaxing long weekend for our family. Some of the things that happened over the weekend were a tad bit bizarre, others were just normal. So how was your weekend?

  • The Girl went out on a yacht in the Charles, took the launch out, the motor stopped, she tried to fix it and fell into the river. Coast guard had to rescue them and tow them back to her friend's yacht.
  • We all went to see Pirates. The Boy saw it on Sunday, the Girl and I saw it today. Meh. It was OK. Not enough Johnny Depp. Predictable storyline. Some wonderful CGI effects. Geoffery Rush was very good. Keith Richards was Keith Richards with Jack Sparrow dreds. Keira Knightly is shrill and annoying. Orlando Bloom is pretty but doesn't do it for me at all. Kiera's outfit at the end of the movie was fabulous and I want it. Only it's probably a size -2.
  • Played frisbee with the Boy
  • Hung out the American Flag
  • Neighbor and I playing passive aggressive game with garden. He's trying to mow it all down, I'm trying to restore it. This week was a draw. He has destroyed my siberian iris mound, I've saved my rudbekia. And I've got a plan! Heh.
  • Read a lot
  • Had major argument with the Girl who is now grounded and off the computer for a week.
  • Laundry, dishes, cooking, litterbox, opened windows, cleaned up.
  • Boy and I assembled a new kitchen island with marble top.
  • Lindsay Lohan arrested for DUI and found with cocaine in her car. Quelle Suprise!
  • Got caught up on local gossip with friends. That took all of 5 minutes. Everyone is moving to Portland Oregon. It's the new San Francisco. Young and hip? You must move to Portland. Ahem.
  • Rebooted computer countless times because something is making it all wonky. I haven't yet found what it is even running virus detectors and Webspy. Ugh.
  • Watched Indy 500. What a colossal waste of fuel. Boring? Oh yeah. Best part was watching Ashley Judd in the pouring rain.
  • Going bonkers from allergies. Eyeballs are itchy. Nose is runny. Head aches. Go Spring! It was freaking hot here, too. In the 90's. Still no air-conditioners in windows. Non-cooperating kids...gotta loathe them!
  • TV sucks. Nothing on. Big Brother starts on July 5th. That's a long way off.

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