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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Can I get an appointment before I die?

You know how every time universal health care is brought up, you hear the 'horror stories' about how people have to wait forever and ever to get an appointment, and how we're so lucky in the US with our messed up overprices healthcare options because we can see a doctor any time we want.

Um, I think not.

I've spent quite a bit of time this month on the phone making various medical appointments. I called the kid's pediatrician for checkups at the very beginning of June. Her first available appointment? September 19th. Ok. That's a bit screwed up, but they're not sick, they just need to have a checkup, something they haven't had in quite some time. Like a couple of years. Hey, they're physically healthy. Why waste money?

Coincidentally, I made an appointment with my cardiologist for my followup. I last saw her several months ago. I usually see her every 3 months. Her next availability. Why September 19th. How special!

Then I call my primary care doctor because I'm REALLY late in getting in for a followup. Like 5 or 6 months late. Ahem. I'm busy. I've got other things on my mind. I'm a jerk. What can I say. So when is his next available appointment? August 15. Which honestly isn't that bad unless you know that I'm supposed to be seen pretty frequently for monitoring.

So much for the short wait times. These are just followup appointments. Nothing serious. But Geesh!

Universal health care looks really really good to me. Of course, we already have it in Massachusetts. But still, anything has got to be better than this system.

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Blogger useless_rambler said...

I just seethe when I hear people rave about our wonderful health care system.

My husband is from the UK and while all systems have their pros and cons, their universal health care puts our crazy system simply to shame!

I can't believe when people think we just have it made. Especially when I'm facing needing surgery and not being able to get it because of my insurance company. I've paid enough in premiums and co-pays to have already paid for the damn surgery!


21/6/07 7:49 PM  

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