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Saturday, June 30, 2007

In other, cheerier news

I had a real live adult afternoon. It's been so freaking long since I've done anything just with grownups and just for me I almost didn't know how to handle myself. But I did just fine. A very old friend of mine, a pre-kids for both of us friend, came over and we went out for a delightfully long, leisurely lunch at a chi-chic Mexican restaurant. We had fancy margaritas, we talked about grown up stuff, we laughed and had fun until I got the phone call.

I believe I have mentioned that I'm so not a fan of the cell phone. And here's why. We're sitting out on this shady patio behind the restaurant, eating and having a grand old time, and I get a call from the Boy. Not to worry mom, but I've been in a small car accident. Heart in mouth, I try desperately to remain calm. Actually, I did a damn good job of it, considering. He tells me that he went to his afternoon appointment at Dunkin' Donuts to see his therapist, and then he talked her into taking him to a friend's house at the other end of the city. She agreed, they got started to merge onto Rt.9, and she got rear ended. And then a third car rear ended the rear ender. He's fine, she's fine, everyone is fine. But as a mom, I had to see that for myself.

Lunch ended with a bang, shall we say. We got back home, he's honestly fine, she's honestly fine, my friend and I regain the color in our faces, and then my friend took him off to see his friend at the other end of town.

Now, let me just say that, for my first experience with a child in an accident without me, I did very well. I didn't cry, I didn't scream in agony, I didn't panic. I listened carefully to both The Boy and The Therapist on the phone, and they sounded calm enough so that I didn't immediately go into panic attack mode. I just needed to see for myself that he was fine, and then off he went, and I took a nap.

I think I was very successful in being a calm, rational parent. WHO THE HELL AM I???

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Blogger kathy said...

((( margalit ))) so sorry about the accident -- how scary!

30/6/07 9:12 PM  
Blogger Major Bedhead said...

I'm glad he's ok.

Don't you love those moments when you say "Wow, I must have been taken over by aliens because the real me would have been freaking right the hell out just then."

30/6/07 11:39 PM  

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