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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oh good Lord

I'm a psycho. I'm responsible for the downturn in the blogosphere love-fest that is called Mommyblogging. I'm self-righteous. I'm a cyberbully. I'm, oh my GOD, an American. Can you imagine anything worse than that? An AMERICAN! Because we're all whiny, self-righteous complainers that think were ENTITLED. Yeah, did you know that?

I'm sorry, but sometimes there is just a bit too much insanity in the blogosphere. When one person posts something specious, and gets a bunch of comments saying that they disagree, what is that person going to do? Why BLAME the commenters. Because it's not HER fault that she said a bunch of inflammatory rhetoric. And it's not HER fault that people thought she was being dramatic and unfair to an entire country. And it's not HER fault that everyone didn't blow down to her and kiss her feet and says, "Oh you're right. Americans are all horrible people and they're spoiled and entitled and they should be thankful for anything they get, just like the Africans are." So when it's pointed out that Africans are responsible spamming the internet, she comments that "at least they're working!" Because dishonesty is so much better than being a lazy poor American. Um, yeah.

I'm so freaking done. I'm tired of being polite and respectful in a disagreement and being called names. I'm tired of a few people that actually think that the ONLY correct discourse is to agree, and that disagreement is wrong and mean and cyberbullying. I'm tired of a few really asshat but "popular" posters working hard to make sure that people that don't agree with them, or even don't like them, are castigated over and over and over and over ad nauseum because they DO NOT know how to let things go. And because they have the self-esteem of fleas and want to make sure that they put down other people to build themselves up.

I think right now that there are some really vile people who blog. VILE ugly sad people. People who are unhappy because they can't sell their ugly houses, are in the middle of divorces, have eating disorders, and want to shift the blame off their own sad little lives and onto me. So go ahead, sad little people. Blame me. Blame me all you want. You're not fooling me for one second. You've made yourselves perfectly clear. You are better than me. You are nicer than me. You are smarter than me. You are prettier than me.

Funny how much time you spend defending yourself on your little slights though, isn't it? Go fuck yourselves, you sad, useless people. And please, don't bother ever reading my blog again. I don't want you, I don't want your comments, and I don't want to even know you're still alive.


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