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Monday, June 04, 2007

Private Jets for Campers?

Now I've seen just about everything. I know that there is a vast difference economically between the rich and the poor in the USA. I know that the middle class is vanishing. I know that with Bush and his republican cronys in office, the rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer, and it's vastly unfair. But jeez Louise, do the rich have to flaunt their wealth so ostentatiously? I can remember as a kid, my parents would sniff at people that were "new money". They were the types of people who built the outrageously humongous mansions and decorated them with over the top crap. The ones that needed to have 7 cars in their driveways. The ones that wore huge diamonds (Ala Oprah, a PERFECT example of new money gone wrong) all the time and not just for evening wear. Oh, my mother would rail on about new money, and I just wish I could hear her reaction to this story.

In essence, ridiculously wealthy parents with nothing else to spend their money on are hiring private jets to get their kids to camp. Camp buses are just too passe for this crowd. Little Isabella gets overheated on the bus. Poor Ethan doesn't like the bus because it's too noisy. Their moronic parents hire private jets for short trips to soothe their spoiled brats. Because it's so much more important to make their children aware of how much money their parents have, and how different they are from other, regular bus going campers.

Parents are spending anywhere around $8000 for a short flight to protect their little darlings from the hoi poloi. That would be you and me, by the way. Revolution Air, the company that contracts for the jet rides caters to their young clients, has developed a special menu, including peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches, chicken fingers and ice-cream sundaes. I hate this. I hate that it is assumed that children eat nothing but chicken nuggets and peanut-butter and jelly. I mean, aren't these spoiled kids the same kids that are eating at gourmet restaurants in Manhattan? How about some sushi for the little darlin's.

One parent, property developer and mother of three Robin O'Hara is sending her 8-year-old, Danielle, on a 30-minute flight to Lake Bryn Mawr Camp in Honesdale, Pa. "The bus takes 31/2 hours. It is crowded, and it's always a very dramatic scene," said O'Hara, of Great Neck, L.I. "This year, she is not going with her [older] sisters, so we want to make it a special, unique experience for her. "It's a trend. A lot of my friends do it," O'Hara said. "They play videos, they serve kids' food, sometimes, we'll have a manicurist on board."

Because what 8 year old wants to appear in camp with her nails not done? Quelle horror! Can you just imagine her reception if her nails aren't perfectly shaped? Why, Danielle might be ostracized!

Revolution Air has assigned more than 20 private jets to fly children to summer camp at the end of June, at a cost of about $8,000 a flight. Revolution Air President Ronald Goldstein said bookings are still coming in. "Now the kids are starting to demand private jets. The children got spoiled on the custom of flying privately," he said. Goldstein said his clientele are primarily based in New York. "Very Park Ave," he said. Some planes leave from airports in New Jersey or from the Hamptons.

I'm sure they're not coming from downtown Detroit. Or East LA. Maybe it's me, but I find this the most ridiculous display of wealthy over-consumption possible. Like camp isn't expensive enough, adding $8000 bucks to the cost of the summer just grosses me out.

Haven't these parents ever heard of charity? Can you imagine what $160,000 would do to help a food bank in NYC during the summer months, when the good banks are notoriously low on food.

Makes me want to sing, "I hate New York."

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Blogger Catherine said...

Can I barf now?
Catherine, the redhead

4/6/07 6:49 PM  
Blogger Virginia said...

oh, I simply must foward this to my size-0 sister-in-law who is shipping all 4 of her kids (7-15) to summer camp for al 10 weeks this summer so she and her husband can go on Vacations-S (multiple).... I asked her what would happen if she was in Europe and one of the kids broke their arms, or g-d forbid, was homesick. her answer: "well, they can always call you, you never leave your house!"

5/6/07 7:09 AM  
Blogger scribbler said...

okay, it's an old post, but I just want to say, please don't blame the kids. They might not be brats after all; as I'm sure you know, the parents are not the last word on the character of the child. Anyway, let's hope.

9/6/07 5:46 PM  

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