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Sunday, June 03, 2007

They claim I'm going senile

I swear it, I think I'm not getting enough oxygen to my brain or something. I'm getting really forgetful. I've been forgetful for a long while now, but the past few days, I can't remember my own name. I had something really funny to tell you all about a conversation we had today, but it's totally gone. Lost forever. Ah well.

It's probably the lack of sleep due to extreme heat last night, coupled with a serious desire to drink two very large Cape Codders after a couple of hours in the grocery store. I wouldn't call it drunk blogging, but I did have a few interesting minutes earlier this evening. Especially when I couldn't find the vodka bottle and someone had to tell me it was in his room. Yes, he is SOOOOO grounded. I'm totally furious with him. He says he didn't drink any, but the bottle was a lot less full then when I last saw it. But plain vodka? Even a lovely Mandarin flavored vodka? Yuck. So I'm now left with marking the bottle. I hate that. I hate teenagers.

Not really. I actually like teenagers a lot, even when they do incredibly stupid things like this. It's the age, and I understand it. But still... it pisses me off no end.
Have you SEEN the prices at your local grocery store lately? I almost died today when I got to the final total at the store. And that's buying the sale items, using coupons, and not getting prepared or prepackaged foods. This shop, my big one of the month, cost me almost $70 more than I usually spend. GULP. I almost freaked out. That's a huge increase. I started looking at prices and realized that everything is just way more expensive. Milk has increased about $.60 gallon in the past month. Even sale items have increased in price. I think we may have to give up eating. Actually, this is the big shop, the one with the detergent, dishwasher soap, cleaning supplies, and other personal items. We all have to do this shop, but damn... it's painful.

Little tiny round seedless watermelons were $4.99. That's mostly rind, as they weren't much larger than a honeydew melon. Who in their right mind would by one of those? Bottled juice was so expensive that we bought frozen. We're not huge juice drinkers, but someone has been sick for the past month and juice is a wanted item when we're ill. First the Girl brought home the crud, which is a sore throat, laryngitis, slight fever, and muscle aches. Then the Boy had it last week. I woke up with the sore throat today. Ugh. I need teas and juice when I'm sick. Water just doesn't cut it.

This week will be very quiet, hopefully. Not much on the calendar, and with the Boy being grounded until school is out, one less kid to worry about. Plus he has a big Latin project to do and it's already late, so he's going to be busy for a day or two with that. This weekend he set up a computer we sort of rebuilt from parts, and then he dredged through boxes in the basement and found my old stereo, which he also put together. So he's now got a totally wicked electronic setup in his bedroom, with a component stereo, a sick, but still working TV, his Xbox, and now a computer (no internet). This will keep him busy and out of trouble for a while.

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