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Sunday, July 29, 2007

the boy still... part 2 #33

My second point on the life changing agenda is intended to give you a little lesson on empathy, and how good it feels to not be an ignorant ass-Nobody is perfect, ESPECIALLY not me... but when you don't even open your mind to other people's lives, their triumphs, and most importantly their struggles, you just end up being that ignorant kid, who screams obscenities and insults at the other kid simply for being different. I don't want you to get the assumption that I think I'm some sort of saint, but at least I try my hardest to be a good person, which is more than I can say for a lot of people. Imagine that you are a living on almost no income at all, with the vast majority of that money coming from the government because you are unable to work due to a serious disability. This may seem like a bad dream for some, but for my mom, it's reality. I've heard people say stupid things before, but when you label a handicapped person as a "lazy fart, who wouldn't get off her ass if her life depended on it", you're going beyond the realm of annoying and stupid, you've officially ventured to the distant land of "ignorantassholeville. This is an actual statement that was said to me by an insecure, ignorant jerk-off, who will always remain in my mind as just that. So what I'm pretty much trying to tell you is, you will get much more satisfaction out of life if you knew more about it, and not just about your own little chunk of it.

And now for my third and final point on the life-changing agenda...help yourself before you help others- For the majority of the past two years I tried to always put others needs before my own. Most would call this thoughtful and selfless (two terms with quite a positive connotation), I would call it stupid and careless. Over these two years, lets just say I've had just a tad bit of trouble with my own problems, particularly my depression and bipolar disorder. At this point in my life, I strongly believe that my so-called selflessness, was one of the main contributions to my worsening mental state. I stand firmly by the belief that nothing good can come of attempting to help others (regardless of the help you do happen to give) if you need more help for yourself. This belief is something that has helped me to get to a better emotional state, and I hope it will help you to.

You may be wondering why you're even taking advice on life from a 15 year old, but this little "wondering" that is going on in your mind does happen to correspond to agenda point number 2 (you know, the one about being open-minded) So I guess I'll leave you with a certain sense of doubt that only you can clear up (remember number 3)

Yours, with a bit more smarts then is probably good for him, The Boy.

P.S. If you think that hearing self-proclaimed "life-changing advice" from a 15 year old is strange, than you really should neglect what I have to say. However, If you can relate to, or feel comfortable with what I have said, than you ought to think about this advice more often, you never know when it could make you happier :)

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Blogger JaniceNW said...

I think dismissing what a teenager has to say just because he's a teenager is just plain stupidity. One of the reasons my kids' friends like me is that I do take what they say with respect and honor their opinions(unless they are being ridiculously macho and bragging about how big the balls are). OY on that subject.

I think you have your head on pretty straight and some day I'd like to discuss bipolar disorder with you as my 18 yo is BP2. It's always informative to get viewpoints from those who experience this disorder. I have struggled with depression myself and it's always great to find someone who's also been there and gets what you are going through.

I think you are amazingly self aware for a 15yo and I can see why your mother is proud of you.

29/7/07 3:05 AM  
Blogger Major Bedhead said...

I wouldn't dismiss what anyone says just because of their age.

I'm enjoying reading your posts. Well, and your mum's, too.

29/7/07 11:14 PM  

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