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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Alta Bates, you suck #24

So, when you last left me, Dawn and I were sitting in her little blue Honda civic at a red light in Berkeley on the Oakland line, waiting for the light to change. I was looking down for my shoes that I had taken off for the car ride. Dawn was watching the traffic light above the intersection. Neither of us saw the police car coming straight towards us. He did see us either. And he ran right into her little blue Honda Civic at top speed, which totaled her car.

The impact was on my corner of the car, as he was chasing someone and was turning the corner too fast and rammed into us. He was involved in the high speed chase of someone he "thought' might have robbed a convenience store. He wasn't sure. And his excuse for hitting us head on?

Um, we were in a blue car in front of a blue house and he did not see us. Yeah, right. That will work.

An ambulance was called and I was taken to Alta Bates hospital. I had broken my ankle in 2 places upon impact, mostly because I was using my right foot to slam on the imaginary brakes I didn't have on my side of the car. The people surrounding us whilst we were waiting for the ambulance were all black, and they were not happy we were in their neighborhood. Nor were they happy to see a white police officer from the city of Berkeley. In fact, they were freaked out and screaming at us. I thought a race riot was about to break out. I was really scared and I don't scare easily. I mean, these people were ANGRY. I don't know what I did other than to ride through their neighborhood on our way to Dawn's house in the flats of Berkeley. But woah, they didn't want us there.

When the ambulance finally appeared and I was shoved into it, the people gathered around were hitting it as it pulled away. I swear it, it was like a scene out of ER, only that show wasn't even on yet. Dawn had to stay with the policeman while he filled out some report, and then she was taken to the hospital too. She was fine, a couple of cuts from the broken windshield, but otherwise ok. Just very shaken up. Brand new car. BRAND NEW FREAKING CAR. I don't blame her for being so angry.

When we got to Alta Bates, I was assigned to the craziest mofo I have ever seen in a hospital. He was......

Hey folks... I need comments to keep awake. And I need sponsors to help me reach my goal. I know how hard it is for blogathoners to leave comments... I mean, who has the time between posts? But as I skim the blogathon blogs I notice that lots of you are only writing teeny tiny posts, unlike verbose me who is trying to entertain you with long drawn out stories. So please, a comment or two? Purty pleeze...

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Blogger JaniceNW said...

The cop hit you guys because the car was the same color as the house behind it? Was the cop on drugs? After all, it was a Berzerkley cop and well.........you know the repitation. UCB was my third choice when I applied to UCSD. The UC sustem had one application ofr all 8 campuses and one had to place a number next to each campus with your first choice, second choice blahblahblah. Then I heard UCB girls actually wore panty hose to special events........I knew UCSD was a better choice for me. ;D

28/7/07 7:26 PM  
Anonymous Becky68 said...

That is terrible- I can imagine what must have been waiting for you at Alta Bates. I have an Uncle who lives in CA & have heard terrible things about that hospital.
Michele sent me & I'm glad to comment to help keep you awake!(especially since you changed your comment policy -YAY!-) I'm pretty broke right now due to missing a week of work while my 11 year old was hospitalized last week.

28/7/07 7:42 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Janice, you haven't heard anything yet. Just you wait.... it gets better and better!

Becky, don't feel bad. Just pressure other people to sponsor me. :-) I'm counting on you!

28/7/07 7:45 PM  

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