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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

And people wonder why I'm crazy

I've had such a day. And it's not even 5 pm yet. I just don't know if I can make it to the end of the day without going totally insane. So this is my day so far:

Woke up at 7:15 and made the Boy get up for summer school. Turned over and went back to sleep. The Boy went upstairs and fell asleep again, missing summer school completely. When I got up around 9:15, he was snoring. I was NOT HAPPY. I get him up, listen to his lame excuses, and then ground him.

Went to take a shower and there was a plethora of long dark brown hairs in the tub. Told the Girl to clean out her hair, and she denied it was her hair. Mine is gray, the Boy doesn't have foot long hair, so who could be the bearer of the hairball? She denied it, but cleaned it up.

Got ready to leave for an errand at 11:30 sharp. Boy had to run back inside for his water bottle (we all have our own 1 litre reusable ones this summer) and left the keys inside, thus locking us out. Damn. No car keys, going to be late. Panic.

We ask neighbor if she has emergency keys. She does not. We try the bulkhead. Locked. We try the other door. Locked. We try the windows. Locked. We ask neighbor for a ladder to climb on porch roof to get into Boy's open windows. Ladder is too short. We borrow extension ladder, but cannot figure out how to open it. We fiddle for a while, and then I read the directions on the side of the ladder. We struggle, but finally get it open. The ladder won't go near the roof due to the huge wooden gutter. Nobody can climb over gutter. Damn.

We take neighbor's folding chair on porch, sneak behind 10' rhododendrons in bloom, and put the Girl through the screen after cutting a small piece so we could manipulate it open. She falls onto sofa, thus resulting in open door and key. Hurrah for the Girl, who saves the day. 1 hour of struggling. In this heat. Ugh.

Get to the appointment and see that they now keep summer hours, and aren't going to be open for another hour and a quarter. By now, I'm just this side of sane. We find two benches in the shade and sit on one. Opposite us is a couple who are fighting, she is crying and acting like a looney. We try and decide if she's a cancer patient crack whore or just a crack whore. Whatever, she is not healthy mentally. The Girl overhears much of the fight while I try to ignore it.

We play I Spy for a while. You CANNOT beat the Girl at this game. She is too observant. It gets frustrating. Then we play the music shuffle game on the Boy's iPod. Finally, the doors open.

We are about 50th in line. We wait and wait and wait. There is a Russian man with the worst body odor I've ever smelled, even overseas. Every time he comes near me I gag. It is disgusting.

We get in, get our errand done in seconds flat, and leave. We have a second errand which is way outside of town in Somerville near Medford. I drop off the Boy at home so he can let Margaret the housekeeper in to clean, then gun it to Somerville. But I have to drive on totally unfamiliar Big Dig roads and get a little confuzzled. Fortunately, we find our way and pick up our brand new FREE air conditioner from a Freecycle guy. It is new and in good shape. It will cool off the upstairs and we will be able to live like normal people again.

The Girl and I head home, but the car, which is rarely driven, does not like this ride. Does not want to go at all. Wants to just stop and smell the flowers. It doesn't stall, but it does buck and hesitate. It will not go fast. It feels like there is something under the gas pedal blocking me from pushing down the pedal. I feel like the people in Little Miss Sunshine with the honking horn from hell.

Right before we get home, the car decides to drive again. We cruise up the hill, unload the air conditioner and I tell the kids to make my birthday cake. But they aren't budging from in front of the AC.

And that's my day so far. Happy frigging Birthday to me.

And thank you so much for all the virtual cards, birthday wishes, and donations to Blogathon. I'm so appreciative! You guys rock.

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Blogger Danielle said...

I believe there is some bad mojo in the atmosphere today. Everyone I know has had a cruddy day. Here's to a better tomorrow! (and happy birthday to you)

11/7/07 4:49 PM  
Blogger JaniceNW said...

Great score on the air conditioner!

Now take some deep breaths. Relax.

Happy Birthday! If the kids don't make you your cake, tell they have the honor of living in the backyard!!!


11/7/07 6:09 PM  
Blogger Lynn said...

-Happy Birthday!

-I LOVE Freecycle-best web organization I have ever found!!
(feel good about getting rid of stuff and have gotten some pretty good stuff for myself and co-workers as well)

-Nothing like stink with this humid weather-it just lingers...eewh!

-Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be tolerable,can't wait to shut off A/C and open windows again

(Little Miss Sunshine-great movie!!)

11/7/07 7:53 PM  
Blogger Juggling Frogs said...

Happy, happy birthday, Margalit!

Sounds like you used up a whole year's worth of frustration in one day. You must be in the clear for the next 365 days!

11/7/07 10:24 PM  

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