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Sunday, July 29, 2007

and we're back to Europe #34

Sorry, the Boy took so long to post his two part missive that he only left me 10 minutes to post this next segment. So it's going to be short.

We arrived in Amsterdam and Dawn was so excited to actually have made it to Europe. She loved Amsterdam right away, and I got to show her around to all the places I'd discovered living in Utrecht and visiting Amsterdam on a regular basis. I took her to my favorite Indonesian restaurant, we went on a boat cruise of the canals, we went to the beer factories, we did the Joods Historiche and the Anne Frank House. We visited both the Rijksmuseum and the Rembrant Museum. We bought flowers and bulbs at the flower mart. We shopped for lace and antiques. We ate chocolate until it came out of our ears. We went to brown cafes and sampled the local herbal products. It was a great time.

We then traveled to Bruges, Belgium, where Dawn fell madly in love with that city. It is beautiful, no doubt about it. We spent a day there, and then took off for Paris.

Now, we were traveling in September, and I needed to be in Paris on particular days because our trip coincided with the high holidays and I needed to be in synagogue on those days. Dawn, being Catholic, wasn't going to join me, but she was very nervous about being out and about the city on her own. So nervous that she was afraid to leave the hotel, no matter how much I told her it was safe. I gave her an itinerary, I gave her a map of the Metro, I told her how to get to the Metro (we were staying on the Left Bank near the Sorbonne), and I even explained the money for the bazillionth time.

I took off for synagogue, which can be an all day affair. And Dawn.... well she got lost.

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