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Monday, July 16, 2007

As if two teenagers aren't enough

We've had a teen fest at our house today. The Girl had a friend sleep over last night, which was slightly annoying since she didn't give me much notice, but I love her friend, so it was fine. Except she's the friend that never leaves. Every time she comes over it's a full day on the other end, which can be quite annoying. Annoying because she is LOUD. When I brought her home, her mom and I were talking and her mom was wincing at the noise level those two girls make. You know that shrieking that two year olds go through before they become verbal? Um... it's like that. Only it's all "ewwwwww" and "NO WAY" and Squeeeeeeeeee". Oh my poor innocent ears, being assaulted for hours with the giggling and the screaming. Plus, of course they have to watch Harry Potter. Again. And again. And again. I'm seriously really tired of Harry Potter movies in my house.

Of course, because this friend was over, they woke the Boy up with their noise, and then he fell so fast asleep later that he slept through the alarm clock twice, and me screaming at him to get up, twice. He slept through summer school again. I am SO not pleased that I called his program director for a 'pep talk', which hopefully will get him on the road to doing something. Plus, he had to work on his English project for a half hour before I'd allow him to go meet his friends.

Friends he then brought home. Friends that are still here. At least now they are playing a nice quiet game of scrabble. Before they were watching Kung Pao and laughing uproariously. Why, I don't know. So not funny, that movie. Especially when you're straight.

I don't mind being the house the kids like to hang out at. It's all cool with me. But at some point I want my house back. I'd like to clean it before the next onslaught. But tomorrow another friend is sleeping over, and I don't even know what's next for the week. I love that they're keeping busy and hanging with their friends. It's what teens are supposed to do. They're both having a great summer considering that we have absolutely no money for them to do anything. I'm thrilled that they're not moping around and moaning about being bored. But could they please find somewhere else to hang out every once in a while?

With that said, the Girl is right now over a friend's house with 5 or 6 other friends, and the Boy is planning a blowout party at a friend's house. Thank goodness. I'm looking forward to some quiet. So I can take back the TV and watch sappy programs without groaning and surreptitious channel changing from the Boy.

I love the people my kids are growing up to be. The Girl is loved by every single parent that meets her. I never hear anything but glowing compliments about her manners and how nice she is. Her secret? She's been trained NOT to go into people's cupboards and fridges without asking, and she actually talks to adults. Not just a hello either. She converses with them. She asks questions about them. She's going to be great on dates. Parents seem to like the Boy, too, but not so much as his sister. He's not conversant and is not open around adults. He's quiet and polite, but doesn't say a thing to them. I never realized that parents lap that stuff up, but they do. My favorite of their friends are the kids who talk to me, too. Just a bit of a hint for all of you with younger kids. You might want to emphasize this chatting thing.

Now, can you get these kids to go home already?

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