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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Back to New Hampster #20

We're all sitting on this horrid old red sectional sofa. Sitting is more like slouching as we're all wrecked. It's gotten dark as we've sat there, and I was sitting across from a window directly to the right of the fireplace. There was a roaring fire, it was warm and cozy, but I kept imagining that I was seeing fireworks outside. I looked and looked and in my sad little confused mind, there must have been some fancy fireworks show. I must have watched this display for at least a quarter hour before I said something akin to "hey, do you guys see the cool fireworks outside?"

Everyone looked and ooohed and aaaahed over how pretty it was before it dawned on any of us that what we were looking at was not fireworks. It was a chimney fire. Yes, the frigging chimney was on fire, there were sparks and flames shooting out of the roof, and the only thing that saved the house from a complete conflagration was the fact that it was raining out.

The neighbors next door came over and told us that the chimney was on fire. He had already called the volunteer fire department, who arrived to find a bunch of very stoned morons watching the sparks flying up to the sky. It was so pretty. It was so dangerous. It was so stupid.

The firemen put the fire out and ordered Gary's friend not to use the fireplace again until it was swept and repaired. The house was filled with smoke and we all smelled like we had lived in a smokehouse.

We slept there that night, with Dawn and I sharing the sofa and Gary hanging out with his friend. Once we were a bit more sober, Dawn and I had a frank discussion of what a loser Gary was, and she told me stuff about him that made me want to run all the way home to Boston.

The next morning we got up, and Dawn and I wanted to go back to my house, but Gary didn't want to leave. He was having a great time with his friends, so Dawn and I took my car and left him there. It was so much more pleasant without him. As you can imagine, that relationship was doomed, but every time we speak of him, we talk about that chimney fire. It's amazing we weren't all killed. That pretty much put an end to my druggie days, too. Thankfully.

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