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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blogathon in a Nutshell


I am participating in Blogathon again, for my second year. This FAQ will answer any questions you might have about Blogathon. For a more detailed FAQ, please refer to the Blogathon’s official FAQ.

The Blogathon website is officially open for registrations, and the counting down to the annual event has also already begun.


  • Blogathon? Is it like a Marathon?
    Yes, it is! :) The Blogathon is an annual event where bloggers get together and blog for a straight 24 hours to raise funds for charity.

  • This sounds very interesting. Please tell me more.
    This year’s Blogathon will be held on 28 July, and will begin at 0600 PST — every participant will blog in the same 24 hours. Participants, also known as Blogathoners, will publish a blog post every 30 minutes or so for 24 hours. Every Blogathoner represents a charity of his/her choice, and from the days leading to the Blogathon until 48 hours after the Blogathon, members of the public may pledge a donation to sponsor the particular blogathoner.

  • OK. Now, tell me more about the charity you’re representing.

    I am representing Children's Hospital in Boston. Children's is a wonderful health care facility, usually designated the very best in the country and one of the best in the world. Children's Hospital never ever declines to see any patient regardless of financial hardship and lack of insurance. Children's sees patients from all over the world who come because they know they will get top notch medical care in a great and welcoming environment, even if they cannot pay. I blog for Children's because they saved my daughter's live as an infant, and have helped both of my children over and over again as they grown. Three years ago, my son was in Children's for almost 7 weeks, and the treatment he received was stellar. The doctors, nurses and support staff were kind, knowledgable, and fun to be around. But Children's needs donations to provide such services. It isn't cheap to serve the most sickly kids in the country, and they do it cheerfully and with kind welcoming arms. They need your help to be able to continue on as such a great institution just for children.

  • That sounds like a very noble organization. So how do I participate?

    To participate as a Blogathoner, you will need to sign up for a blogger’s account at the official Blogathon website. Follow the instructions to add your blog, the URL of the charity you’re representing, and the donation page URL of the charity. To sponsor me *woot* you will need to click on this link, sign up for a sponsor’s account, and enter the amount you want to pledge to Children's Hospital. It’s that simple! :)

  • Sponsor you?! How do I pay you then? Will you run away with MY money?!

    No, you do NOT pay me. When you pledge to sponsor me, you are pledging to donate to Children's Hospital in Boston, NOT me. At the end of the Blogathon, you will be sent an email with details on how you should go about delivering your pledges. Please be assured that your donations go directly to Children's Hospital NOT to me :)

  • Is there a minimum amount? I’m a poor guy you know..

    There is NO minimum amount. In fact, no amount is too little. Some people donate 5 bucks, some people donate 50 bucks and some people donate 500 bucks! It all depends on how much you can afford to donate, or for how long you are willing to forgo your Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts) Plus, it’s all those 5 and 10 bucks that add up into something HUGE. It may not mean anything significant to you, but I assure you it means a lot to those children and their families under care at Children's Hospital. So, donate away!

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Blogger pelf said...

I know you read my comment but did not approve it. I am asking you, for the third time, to remove this blog post, or at the very least, use your own answers to my questions.

I will take some action if you refused to either credit me, or change your content as I have sufficient proof that you took this OFF MY BLOG.

24/7/07 5:07 AM  

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