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Saturday, July 28, 2007

the boy and his birthday #10

Hello people of blogworld, this is your favorite person in the whole wide world speaking (yes I know, your everlasting admiration for me is no secret), The Boy. He is helping his mother out with blogathon while she "rests her eyes" (like I've never heard that one before), and will attempt to post about something very dear to his heart......... MY BIRTHDAY (this is the part where you all stand up and cheer for 5 minutes with streamers and confetti falling from the ceiling)

The last time I remember having a birthday "party" was when I was 6 years old. It was a Harry Potter themed party, with a sorting hat ceremony (we put a walkie talkie in the hat, and someone upstairs would sort you into a hogwarts house), a hogwarts shaped cake (the frosting was a little rich, but the overall presentation of the cake earned high marks), we even had 9 foot high quidditch hoops (for our extremely unorganized, and quite amusing game of: throw random balls in the hoop, hope you make it, and when you do, jump up and scream "I made it, I made it"). Yes, this was one of the best days I can ever remember having.

However, I have not had a party since then. Why? well I don't honestly know. I'm sure many factors went into this streak of party-lacking birthdays. But this summer, I intend to rectify the situation with a party the likes of which I have never had. This time there will be no literary theme to the party, it will simply be about twelve of my closest friends and I, on an island, in the middle of the charles river, in a three story tree-house. Yes, this place actually exists, and I will make sure to take many many photographs to show my mother and everyone else who reads this blog just how glorious it was.

For this party, I'm asking for no presents, no money, no gift cards, only that my friends grace me with their presence on a day that will end a pretty tough year in my life. I usually don't get much for my birthday, because of my family's financial situation, and my lack of parties over the years, but that's never really bothered me. The only present I usually get that I'm excited for is about a hundred dollars from my uncle which went towards getting a new TV for our house last year (our other TV went to Television heaven with all the other well behaved TV's). So I really didn't get a present last year. Sure we got a brand new TV, which is something I use daily, but I would like to get something for myself this year. Call me selfish or whatever you want, but all I truly want is something nice for myself. I think it would be just a tad bit rude to go up to one of my friends and ask them for a present or some money for my birthday, considering I mooch off of them enough already. So instead I guess I'll just spend whatever money I do happen to get, and be grateful for it, because as my mom has told me countless times "be grateful, there are kids in third world countries who don't get anything at all" (you know the drill).

I'm intent on making this birthday as happy and enjoyable for myself as possible, and hopefully it will be just that.

P.S. oh, and in case you're wondering when exactly my birthday is, I'll just say that it's at the near end of august, and I'll leave it at that.
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