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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Doncha just hate it when...

Janice at Twist and Skewer has it in for me. She's tagged me for a new meme that she just made up called "Don't you just hate it when..." Ok, I'm grumpy enough today to play. The rules are simple. List 8 things that drive you fricking nuts. I can do that with my hands tied behind my back!

DYJHIW: People refuse to pull over for ambulances. Like they are more important that someone that could be dying in the back of the ambulance... like their mother, maybe. HATE THAT.

DYJHIW: It's not cold outside but it's so muggy you have to run the air conditioner just to keep from getting a sinus headache, but you end up with one anyhow.

DYJHIW: Your daughter puts off doing her chores all day with excuse after excuse and then tries to leave the house with an "I'm LATE" before she's done anything? Like that's gonna work?

DYJHIW: People jump on a bandwagon without thinking for themselves because they so want to be popular?

DYJHIW: Someone talks about how self-reliant they are and how people who are disabled or down on their luck are leeches on society, but said person doesn't give to charity or volunteer to help on community projects.

DYJHIW: People park in handicap spaces because they're "just running in for a second" thus denying the disabled person the same luxury.

DYJHIW: It's just assumed that the whole world is Christian and that American values are Christian values? Or that tolerance and diversity are bad things?

DYJHIW: Your pharmacy screws up your prescriptions for medications you absolutely MUST have and then tells you that they can't fix the problem for several days AND they won't give you the meds you need just to tide you over even though that's the law in your state? Or, doncha just hate gigantic pharmacy chains that screw up every order because they don't care and only employ pharmacy students and not registered pharmacists in the first place?

Now, who to tag? Who to tag? Let's see..... Neil, Dave, Robin, Cape Buffalo, and Chicky. That could be pretty entertaining reading.

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Blogger JaniceNW said...

I do not have it in for you! I lurve you. You are amusing, you get teen mom angst, you have thoughtful great answers from a different perspective than mine...

My mom had severe rheumatoid arthritis for many years before she died young, at age 64. I totally get the ambulance thing, the handicap parking thing, the morons who park there w/o a sticker, people who dish others when they are completely CLUELESS about how it feels from the other side and the whole pharmacy thing~OY VEY!!!!

So stop kvetching about the meme. You just got to vent with a reason! Don't you feel better now? (walking quickly so Margalit can't catch me!!=:-O

18/7/07 7:14 PM  
Blogger Dave2 said...

Uhhh... my entire blog is "Dontcha Hate It When!"


18/7/07 8:29 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Janice, you know I love you. I know you don't have it in for me...much! :-)

And there are days when I hate everything. Today isn't one of them, but you never know when it's gonna strike next.

Dave, why do you think I chose you? I knew it would take you all of 5 seconds to do this meme, and it would be hilarious!


18/7/07 10:27 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

Ooh, justified griping, I love it! I'm gonna have fun with this one...

I couldn't agree more about the whole "Christian values" thing either. Tolerance and diversity are major hot buttons for me, and are qualities that are sadly undervalued these days.

19/7/07 5:35 AM  

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