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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Food, glorious food! NOT. #14

Ever been really hungry, in a house with food, and aren't allowed to eat it? It's unpleasant. Unenjoyable. Ok, it sucks.

Dawn and I weren't starving. We still had some food left. But we were supposed to leave today, and we were not going anywhere, nor would we be leaving tomorrow, according to the ranger. Maybe in 3 or 4 days, when the sea calms down, he said, but not in the next couple of days. OK then. We had packed plenty of extra food and with decent rationing, we'd be OK. We wouldn't be full, but we would not moan and groan either.

Tim and Angie, on the other hand, had nothing. Not even a stick of gum. I don't know what they were thinking when the packed. Maybe because they came straight from their wedding and they were still full of food they didn't worry? I don't know. But they had nothing and we didn't have enough to feed 4 people, that's for sure.

We settled down to read. I had a book of course nobody wanted to read, some Victorian fiction that was certainly not only obscure, but difficult to follow and probably boring to anyone except me and David Lodge. Dawn, bless her crazy little heart, brought a book by David Brenner, that bad NY comedian. So not funny. But we were desperate. We read the whole book aloud, passing it amongst the four of us. Of course, Tim and Angie didn't bring a book. Other than a deck of cards, they were kinda useless as far as traveling companions.

At dusk, Angie went to brush her teeth and we could hear her moaning about how the toothpaste tasted so good and was even a bit filling. OK, that poor girl was starving and it wasn't fair that there was food in the house that she could't eat.

So we looked in the cupboards. Yes we did. We stuck our noses right in there and then we debated in the most serious manner possible which would be worse, opening a can of tuna fish or making a pan of popcorn. They would miss the tuna fish, but would they miss some loose popcorn from a jar? Was it stealing to take what wasn't ours? Or were we doing it to save our lives? The torah would allow you do take the food to save yourself or someone sick. I used that argument to 3 lapsed Catholics and they all totally bought it. I swear, Tim and Angie were so hungry I probably could have converted them for food. Can you guess what we did?

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