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Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday with bullets

Reminder: Saturday night at midnight marks the end of my contest to receive a FREE BOOK. If you haven't entered yet, it's very simple. Just answer the 5 questions in the comments of the original post, and voila.. you're a possible contest winner. I want to send you a FREE BOOK. I want to give that book to YOU. Yes you! But you have to enter. I feel like publisher's clearinghouse here. You have to enter to win. So enter.

Blogathon officially begins on July 28th. This will be the second year that I have entered this insane experience. Blogathon is an event to raise money for the charity of your choice. This year, like last, my charity is Children's Hospital of Boston. Children's is an amazing institution, not only because they have the best doctors, nurses, and support staff in the world, but because they never ever turn away any patient for lack of insurance or ability to pay. Children from all over the world come to Children's, where they get the best care possible, regardless of their financial situation. But that care is expensive and it is supported by generous donations. To donate to my charity, please go to the Blogathon site, select Blog List, and click on Sponsor This Blogger on the What was I THINKING? button. No donation is too small. No donation is too large. I'll post more on our experiences at Children's as we get closer to the Blogathon start date. But you can donate RIGHT NOW.

Have you been reading The Cleaner Plate Club? This blog is written by a mom concerned with the quality of food we eat in the US. She's not just interested in organics, she goes way beyond what might be labeled organic to talk about hard hitting topics in our food. Topics like hormones in milk, pesticides on produce, and feces on meat. With occasional recipes, this site has changed the way I shop. Her zeal for locally grown products has got me looking more carefully on where my food comes from, and how it's produced. This is a good resource to keep handy.

For pure entertainment value, may I introduce you to Passive Aggressive Notes? Boy, do these bring back those delightful years with roomates. Ugh. Some of these notes are pure comedy. Other's are a little bit frightening.

New book review is up on What was I Reviewing? I reviewed The Other Mother, which will be published in August. It's an excellent book.

That's about it for Friday. I'm totally loving summer vacation right now. The kids are finding a lot to do with their friends, I'm doing a lot of stuff I needed to get done, and everyone is getting along well. It probably won't last, but for right now, it's excellent!

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Blogger Bernie said...

That is very exceiting, to be doing so very much charitable work, with giving away a book to a stranger, and with the 'Blogathon'!
Good luck with it all...
Here from Michele's on this lovely Saturday evening here in Sydney!

7/7/07 2:03 AM  
Blogger gautami tripathy said...

I answere all five questions for that free book..:D

I like your blog. Glad I got here from Michele.

7/7/07 3:12 AM  

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