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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Go Back, Go Back! #6

As we got closer to the island, we got our first glimpse of how high the cliffs actually were. Cliffs we had to climb straight up in order to get to the top of the island. Gulp. The brochures and the rangers both said 154 steps, but that didn't exactly sound the same as 10 flights straight up, did it. Dawn looked at me, I looked at her, we both looked at all the crap we had to lug up those stairs, and blanched. This might be a bit more difficult than we had thought.

We rounded a corner of the island and came face to face with the dock. On it was a troop of boy scouts screaming at us at the top of their lungs, "Go back, turn back, don't stay, go back, go back!" Hmmm, was this an omen? Did we take it as such?

Of course not. We're brave strong women. We're not afraid. Oh crap, were we dumb. The other couple were oblivious to us, and the day trippers were those thick limbed hiking types, so nobody looked askance at the boy scouts as we unloaded and they loaded up the boat. They were adorable. So cute with the dire warnings of boredom and starvation. The lil darlings!

Once faced with the inevitable as the boat took off with those delighful scouts, there was no place to go but up. Straight frigging up 154 stairs, and then a half mile walk up to the campground. Huffing and puffing, gasping for breath we hauled 5 gallons of water each, plus backpacks, a tent, sleeping bags, food, camp stoves, etc. Each pack must have been another 50 lbs of weight. Admittedly we had to stop several times in order to not pass out, but we finally made it up the entire 10 flights of iron stairs on the side of a large cliff, and got to the trail.

Only another half mile to go.....

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