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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Have Lawyer, Will Sue #30

Look, it's my 30th post. Only 19 more to go! Holy cow. Somebody better cough up some more money to sponsor me, and quick! Let's go, people. A dollar here, a dollar there....

Let's see, now I have an attorney, and he's going to sue the city of Berkeley. First thing I hear, the city wants to settle with me for $5K. Um, I don't think so. I missed something like 7 weeks of work because I could not drive and my job was 42 miles each way from home, plus there was no public transportation from there to work. None. So I was kinda screwed. Second, the loss of work wasn't as bad as the loss of my summer vacation, most of which was spent in horrible pain. That costs money, people.

We went back and forth for months. I got all the papers from the police report, which were a riot. I mean it, the poor cop that hit us was just such a nimbrain. He was suspended for a month for this accident. It seems that Berkeley frowns upon high speed chases for things like a suspected robbery in broad daylight with major traffic on the road. Go figure!

Meanwhile, Dawn and Bernie aren't getting along and I get phone calls with her in tears and he's still blaming me for all the faults in their relationship. I'm ONLY 3000 miles away, but it's my fault anyhow. I bought food. I threatened him. I belittled him. Yeah, I did. Asshat.

But guess what? In the middle of Bernie, she meets Fred. Fred is ALSO an attorney, but he does something with disability insurance, which is quite the scam in California. It's also the kind of social work Dawn does, and they meet at work, fall in love, and start a relationship. She tried to boot Bernie, but he doesn't take it well and starts stalking her. She has to get a restraining order. He's a nutcase. Like I didn't figure that out in 10 minutes.

But Fred? He's ALSO married with 2 daughters that Dawn HATES. Cannot stand them. Mariah, the older one, seems to be perfectly fine but Dawn just cannot stand sharing one second of their father's time with them. Nice. I'm really thrilled with her now. At least Fred is separated from his wife and in the middle of a divorce. He's not divorced yet, but he's moving in that direction. I don't like him either. He's controlling and passive aggressive. He lies about his family. He plays his kids against Dawn. He uses her as a babysitter when he has custody of the kids. I think he's another scum, but far be it for me to try and convince her otherwise. Yet again.

The law suit goes on and on for a year. The affair is on and off. She breaks up with him and buys a condo in Fremont. They get back together, she sells her brand new condo and they buy a house. She breaks up with him again and calls me from the bathroom saying that he hit her. I tell her to get rid of him. She loves him, she LOVES him. Sigh.

The following summer, the case settles. I get the maximum amount you can get from the city of Berkeley, who have set a limit on law suits. It is enough to put a substantial downpayment on my first home. I'm a happy camper. I have enough money to buy brand new appliances. I feel like my life is better, but that something still isn't right.

Dawn calls me about a month after the settlement to tell me that she and Fred are getting married. My last words to her were, "Call me when you get divorced."

I never spoke to her again, although she did send me email about 7 years ago trying to catch up. We were living about 15 miles apart then, but I never told her I was in the Bay Area. She's still married to Fred. I want no part of it.

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Blogger Jendeis said...

Oh my gosh, I'm sorry that you and Dawn had to break up over this, but I'm sure that you did the right thing. Sometimes you just have to say, I cannot support what you are doing, I love you and will always be your friend, but I can't be your friend right now.

Should have done it earlier, but I just posted on my blog for my readers (um, I think it's just me) to comment and sponsor here. Hope that helps.

28/7/07 10:44 PM  
Blogger jen said...


k.jen out!

28/7/07 10:58 PM  

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