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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Heading due East #18

The next tale in my travel with Dawn series takes place on the east coast. Dawn and her very sketchy boyfriend of the moment, Gary, have come east to visit me and Gary's family in Long Island. They flew into NY, visited with his family for a short time which was curtailed because Gary is an ass, and then the came up to Boston. We did the Boston thing, which was a first for both of them. Dawn had never seen the Atlantic Ocean, so we went to the beach as I was living right on the ocean at the time. We also visited various small scenic towns on Cape Ann, and then we set out to visit a friend of Gary's who was still at Keene State in New Hampshire.

Now, my hatred of all things New Hampshire isn't something I keep to myself. It's a really screwed up state with a bizarre idea of government. It's also exceedingly ugly in most spots due to the lack of any zoning laws. Oh, there are pretty parts to be sure, but most of the state, ugh. In fact, one 'famous' blogger pretended for years that she lived in Massachusetts when in fact she lived in New Hampshire until she recently moved south. That TOTALLY cracked me up. When you're ashamed to admit you live in the state, there's something a bit off about it. The photo below pretty much encapsulates my vision of New Hampster.

Anyhow, Gary's friend lived in a house off campus. Gary, for lack of a better term, was a complete stoner. He didn't work that I can think of, and he wasn't in school. But he always had plenty of herb, and good herb at that. At this point in my life, I had pretty much outgrown my pothead days and wasn't doing it hardly ever. But I wasn't going to say no to some very nice Northern California grown herb now, was I?

So we pull into Gary's friend's house, where we are going to stay for the night. Gary's friend is a bigger stoner than Gary. Dawn and I just want to sit and gossip, but the herb keeps passing by and pretty soon we're all floating on a cloud. We're watching something on TV and having a gay old time laughing and munching on total junk food.

Gary's friend decides to light a fire in the fireplace because it's getting cold. We think it's a brilliant idea. We were delusional....

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