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Saturday, July 28, 2007

hello, girl here # 15

hello, this is the girl here, I'm filling in for my mom while she is taking a nap, i guess she just needed a break. soooo...I'm not really sure what to say or write, and I've never done this before, so sorry if it isn't all that interesting. i could do what my brother did and tell you guys a nice funny story about something, but well, i don't really have any of those kinds of stories, well, i do, its just that i know that my mom is going to read this later, and to tell you the truth, most of my stories i would rather her not know because...well....then i might just get in trouble, you never know. so I'm going to be a little on the cautious side with this post.

i think i will start by telling you a little about my self. I am nothing special; just a average girl with average thoughts, and I've led a average life (well, so far at least) There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten. soooo...with you knowing that, i might as well go on and tell you something else, for example, what Ive been up to lately, which is pretty much nothing. I've been going out with my Friends just about every night and long enough to avoid having to come home and do the dishes, which is usually around 10:00pm. i haven't been home a lot but this is all about to change. well...my best Friend is now grounded for something we did a couple nights ago, which i am not going to get in to right now, again because i don't really want my mom knowing this (sorry mommy) so now she isn't allowed out, now my other best Friend has just left this morning for camp and will be gone for 3 weeks. so this leaves me kind of stranded. but it gets worse.

my 3rd best Friend (yes i have a lot of best Friends, i guess i just cant choose which one of them is special enough to be my 1 best Friend) has just been diagnosed with MONO, which out of my little group of friends, she happens to be the 4Th one of us to get it in the last month. so she is stuck in her house. so that leaves her out. and now another one of my best Friends has now all of a sudden gotten a job, now he happens to be the laziest thing on the planet, so i don't think it will last very long, but that's another person who is gone. and yet, there is more. my boyfriend is gone for 3 weeks. 2 of my other Friends have just gone up to visit there family's in other states, and it just keeps getting worse. now that there is only 1 month Left of summer, maybe a bit more, i have really no one else to hang out with, which kind of sux b/c this has never happened b4, and on top of that, i feel like crap. not to complain or anything, but my glands are swollen. I'm tired all the time, i can barely move without hurting, and i tried to pick up a book this afternoon, and i had to throw it down because it was too heavy, now that's when you know that something is wrong. and for those of you who haven't figured out what I'm getting at yet, i have MONO also...HURRAY!!! so not only is no one else home, but i am trapped in my house for God knows how long, and I'm already bored to death, and it hasn't been a full day yet. so, i don't really have anything else to say so, i hope you have enjoyed my complaining so far, and my mom will be back shortly =]
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