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Thursday, July 05, 2007

I done won an A-ward!

Holy moly! Janice at Twist and Skewer awarded me the Power of Schmooze award. For which I'm very grateful, because if nothing else, I am good at schmoozing. Of course, I'm only good at virtual schmoozing. The real thing scares me to death. But heck, I'll take the award.

If you haven't discovered Janice, she's another mom raising teenagers. Must I say more? She's holding on for dear life as her kids drive her around the bend. That's what teenagers are all about. She's funny, she's got a great attitude, and she's still alive! You gotta love her for that.

Now I have to award 5 other bloggers. That's always tough for me. I flatly refuse to award anything to 'popular' bloggers. They have heads that are already way too swollen. I like to honor the 'little people', the bloggers who don't get a lot of recognition, but are the ones that keep me roaring with laughter, wiping away the tears, gasping in disbelief. That's the kind of stuff I like to read. So, without further ado, my nominations:

Phantom Scribbler, for her Kvetch Wednesdays, and for all the other days of the week when she brings thoughful discussion to the table. She's funny, she's irreverant, she's topical, and she's empathetic. What more can you ask for?

Sheri, from My Minivan is Faster than Yours. This is a blog I recently discovered, and man, does she make me laugh. She's original, she's poignant, she's hilarious.

Rock Star Mommy. OK, she's popular. But she's so freaking real. I love her posts. I think she's an amazing woman who spends way too much time dealing with freaks that spam her. I love that she doesn't give up or back down. She's who she is. Young, vibrant, funny, and sometimes she shows a vulnerable side that makes my heart ache. No swelled head on this blogger, she's a unique voice that I feel is valuable beyond mere words.

Ellen, of Reign of Ellen. Ellen took a long blogging sabbatical, but she's back and she's going through some very big life changes. When Ellen talks, I listen. We're about as different as night and day, despite our mutual love of LOST, but Ellen touches my heart. She's done the infertility gig like me, she's questioned her faith like me, she's a deep thinker who looks at the world and asks lots of questions about what's happening around her. Ellen is sarcastic, she's funny, she's often thoughtful, and sometimes she's just plain silly. I'm thrilled she's back blogging, and I can't wait to follow her every step along this new path.

Blackbird, of Say La Vee. What can I say about blackbird? She's one in a million. She's the first blog I read every day. Often there are few words, but even with her very photo rich posts, she gets me thinking. Another mom of teen boys, we share some things in common which aren't really public, but she GETS it. There are so few blogging moms that do. Of course, most blogging moms have babies and toddlers and not teens, so points for that. But blackbird... she loves fashion and design and her kitchen. She cooks, she writes beautiful prose, she appreciates beauty in everyday objects. She is the epitome of what I feel blogging is all about. I lub her.

Nominate and pass it on. With love.

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Blogger blackbird said...

Why thank you!

I shall pass it along when I return this weekend...

5/7/07 2:53 PM  
Blogger Phantom Scribbler said...

Thanks, Margalit!

5/7/07 7:21 PM  

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