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Sunday, July 29, 2007

I musta got lost #36

Our hotel was in the 6th arrondissment, right off Rue St. Germaine. It was in a lovely neighborhood, very easy to get around, and very very easy to get out of.

Our Metro stop was St Michel de Pres. You couldn't miss the Metro stop, it was one of the art nouveau stops about 2 blocks from the hotel. As I said, I drew Dawn a map. She wanted to go shopping, and I told her that she could cross over at Notre Dame and walk over to the shops, or she could take the Metro. She opted to take the Metro, but somehow, she totally missed the stop. Now, could you miss this stop?

Um, yeah. I'm telling you, geographically challenged. She was also very nervous about money. She had plenty of travelers cheques, but she opted to only take the french cash she had on hand, which she forgot wasn't worth the same as American money. Sigh. So she had maybe about 50 francs with her, which is not a lot of money. She decided to stop at a cafe and get something to eat. She ordered, but forgot to check the prices, and ended up spending more than she had. Fortunately, she also had an AMEX card, and they took it, but in those days, that was very unusual.

I had also explained to her how to get to Le Bon Marche, a large Parisian department store. I figured they had something in ugly khaki/olive green that she would like. Sigh. Le Bon Marche is in the 7th arrondissment and although it wasn't exactly close, you COULD walk there. But the Metro would be so easy. However, we're talking Dawn here. She could not find the store. It is huge. HUGE. And she totally missed it.

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Blogger Robin said...

These are great Margalit, you have a real gift for storytelling.

And hey, what happened to the plug for sponsoring? Stick it back in the next post, would you, and save me from having to go dig it up.

29/7/07 1:42 AM  

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