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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's the one where I lost my mind

Blogathon is in a couple of days. Oh freaking shit, I am so not ready. Last year I had my theme all planned out. I knew exactly what I was going to write about for each one of those 30 minute segments. I had the coffee, the half and half, various things to munch on, and good company from the Boy.

Fast forward 360-odd days and I've got no theme, no clue as to what I want to write about, I haven't had a cup of coffee in at least a month as I'm trying to avoid more migraines, we have nothing to snack on unless I bake, and I'm just to freaking hot to bake. Plus... I've got one very nasty Boy on hand, and a Girl who has no clue as to why she needs to help me stay awake.

I think this year might be a bit less fun than last year. Oh, I hope not, but I really need a theme. Honestly, my mind is gone. I have no clue as to what to write about. At first I thought I would write a many segmented post about the most hilarious trip I've ever taken. But I honestly don't believe even I, the mother of verbosity, can stretch it out that much. But I might start with it because it's funny, and it's long. So maybe the theme could be vacations that went wrong. I have several other stories, like the time I was robbed in Nice, or the time when I got hopelessly lost in Venice, or even about driving in the middle east. All of those are good tales from my past.
Plus, I could post pictures. Yes, pictures count in Blogathon. But then how would the Boy be able to help out? He wasn't even alive during those trips. Could he write about some of the trips we've been on? Well, we haven't been on one freaking trip in almost 5 years, since we drove across the country.

Yes, you read that right. I have not had ONE vacation day or night in the last 5 years. And people wonder why I'm crabby. I've left the state of Massachusetts exactly three times in the past 5 years. Once for a long weekend at a friend's house in Vermont (with kids), and twice for day trips to Maine. Day trips. With kids. Maybe I can write about how freaking stir crazy I am and how desperate I am to get out of Dodge. Nah nobody wants to read 49 installments of Get Me the Hell Out of Here!

Blogathon. Oh, you haven't yet sponsored me? What are you waiting for? Now is the time for you to pledge your pennies. No amount to small. If you want to pledge a buck, I'm thrilled to have it. More, you say? I'm equally thrilled. As will Children's Hospital, the charity I'm raising money for by blogging into the wee hours and beyond.

And again, thank you to all my generous sponsors who have already ponied up. You guys rock!

New post up at my review site on Baking Boot Camp. If you're interested in baking, this is a don't miss book.

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Blogger bethany actually said...

You could blog the most significant event of each year of your life...just a random thought. :-) I'll have out of town company the day of Blogathon but I'll be checking in as much as I can. Godspeed!

25/7/07 9:26 PM  
Anonymous sherry said...

I'm freaking out a bit myself as I realized I have no idea what in the hell I'm going to post about. I've been thinking of making the top half of the hour personal and the bottom half about my chosen charity (the UNHCR) but I still have no idea.

Though I did tell my husband that we need more coffee and some chocolate by Saturday!

26/7/07 11:22 PM  

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