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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Let's visit beautiful Lake Tahoe, shall we? #21

Another travel disaster with Dawn happened a few years after the first two. Dawn was still living in Berkeley, and we decided to take on Lake Tahoe. I spent a lot of my childhood there, but hadn't been back in quite a few years. She had never been. It seemed like a rather benign place to visit, so I flew out to Oakland again, and after a couple of days doing the rounds in Berkeley, we set out to conquer Lake Tahoe. We drove in Dawn's brand new blue Honda Civic. Blue is an important descriptive to this story, so try and remember it.

For some reason that I honestly can't remember, Dawn wanted to go to Nevada City, which is kind of a restored ghost town, so we didn't take 80 the entire way. We stopped in Nevada City and were entertained by the totally touristy nature of the place. She loved the cowboy hats and boots, and all the silly cowboy bars. We had fun there and stayed overnight, but wanted to get to Lake Tahoe, where we had a reservation at a bed and breakfast.

We passed through Donner Pass and on to Truckee where we stopped to eat lunch and take a quick look at Donner Lake. It's such a sad place to visit, even so many years later. Then on to the Kings Beach area of North Lake Tahoe, where our B& B was.

We chose to stay in a B&B because I am so terribly allergic to cigarette smoke and there is no way I could stay in a hotel/casino on the South end of the lake. It was a great decision except for one leetle thing. Dawn cannot find her way out of a paper bag. I think I've mentioned this before. Even though there is only ONE road that goes around the lake, she got lost every time we tried to go anywhere. Sad but true!

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