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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Most Boring Museum in the World # 12

Absolutely freaking nothing. This museum... I can't even remember what they did have, but it was so minimal and so boring that any hope of keeping us interested quickly waned.

Being stuck in a small cement room with one window made it absolutely impossible to continue to ignore the other couple, so we introduced ourselves. They were Tim and Angie and they were on their honeymoon. I swear to God, we were stuck in a small cement room with a honeymooning couple. Could you even IMAGINE anything worse than that for them. Oh, we felt so badly, but it was so freaking funny. We laughed and laughed about it.

The best thing about the museum was that it had an indoor toilet. It wasn't potable water, so we couldn't drink any, but we could at least hide out in the teeny toilet for a few minutes of blessed privacy.

We each claimed half of the room, and set up our sleeping bags. Dawn and I still had plenty of food, most of it snacky, but Tim and Angie were running very low. I guess Tim, who (and this is the honest to God truth) was a ranger at another state run park, didn't believe in being prepared. Heh. So Dawn and I surrupticiously ate our gorp and granola bars and made tea with our water on my little primus stove.

We taught Tim and Angie how to play dice, but they didn't really get the hang of it, so we made the dice into a Yatzee game, and played that for hours. They had a deck of cards and we played poker and gin and hearts. The Museum was on the generator and the rangers left us in the dark at around 8:30 pm, so we used torches to find our sleeping bags and then it was lights out.

During the night the storm hit. We heard torrential rain, and even some thunder and lightning. We all work up several times due to the noise. By the next morning.....

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