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Sunday, July 01, 2007

No, I did not buy an Iphone today

Does it sometimes feel like you're the only person in the world that doesn't have (fill in the blank). Like Tivo. I don't have Tivo. I've never even SEEN a Tivo. I have no clue as to how they work. Nobody I know owns one. But either we're the last non-Tivo owners standing or there is something morally wrong with us. I'm not sure which.

I don't have a WII either. Not that I don't want one, because I think that's a video game I would actually enjoy playing, but I have no inclination to ever spend that kind of money on a game, nor would I ever go out of my way to find one. I leave that to the better shoppers.

We don't have cable. Or satellite. We have regular old channels. We seem to be surviving just fine. OK, it's hard not to be able to watch shows on HBO, but they all eventually come out on DVD and the library gets them, so we do catch up. Eventually.

However, I'm drooling over that damn Iphone. I hate cell phones. I think they're intrusive and the people that use them constantly tend to forget their manners. They're also wicked dangerous in cars. But that freaking Iphone is so sexy. I spent time today looking at the Apple web site, just playing the videos and pretending that I had one of my very own. Not bloody likely, but pretend is always a fun game.

What an amazing toy that Iphone has turned out to be. It looks like so much fun to play with. Touch screens, amazing color, music, phone, and features out the yin yang. I don't understand for one second waiting days in line for the privilege of forking $600 to Apple, but then again, I don't get waiting on line for most stuff. I believe in instant gratification if I'm gonna spend that kind of dough. Silly me.

Apple continues to amaze me. They have the freaking smartest marketeers on the planet. Nobody can top them for breathtaking announcements and product releases. Nobody. They're brilliant. They have devotees that would take a shot in the heart for a new product earlier than the release date. Name another brand with such fanatic loyalty. Dell? IBM? Sony? Um... nope.

I have to admire a company that works hard to collect satisfied clients. They not only inspire brand loyalty to anything Apple makes, but they also ensure that Apple fans don't cross over to other brand by providing excellent customer service, capable techies at the Genius Bars, and a continual mystique about the next new thing.

So who bought one today? Anyone? Bueller?

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