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Sunday, July 29, 2007

The one where I say "Good Night" #49

I did it. Two years in a row, I blogged my ass off for a good cause. I'm exhausted. I'm spent. I have not an original thought left in my head. That head that aches, over the stomach that is producing way too much acid reflux from all that damn coffee. I feel like crap.

Was it worth it? Hell yes! I had a blast. It was so much fun dredging up all those old memories that I hadn't really thought about in years. Plus, I raised a lot of money for a great cause. I didn't make my goal, but I exceeded last year's amount, which is a good thing.

And don't forget, my cheeky wee monkeys, you can still sponsor me for another 48 hours past 9 pm tonight. You have PLENTY of time to feel the love. Plenty. And I'm counting on you.

So this is where I get to thank my guest bloggers. Thank you to the Boy, who worked hard at trying to think up amusing posts even when he was dog tired. He did a great job and I'm very proud of him. He's a blogger in the making, that one.

And thank you to the Girl. Although she only posted once, her behind the scenes help was invaluable. She made coffee, she made cookies, she washed dishes, and she chatted me up when I was feeling like my head was to heavy to hold up anymore. She scratched my back, she massaged my feet, and in general was an all around good girl.

Thanks again to all my sponsors. You're the best! And I'll be back again next year. I have no clue what I'll write about, but I promise it will be interesting.

And most of all, thank you to my computer. You only rebooted once the whole 24 hours, and that was in a very convenient time right after I had finished a post. You did a great job under difficult circumstances. I know you're old and need more memory. I know you hate to be on for long periods of time. But you did it for me, and for that, I love you, you old farty machine.

Nighty night, all!

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Blogger Lynn said...

Congrat,ya made your goal :)!!
Thanks for entertaining me...

29/7/07 12:57 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

Congratulations Margalit. Well done.

29/7/07 1:06 PM  
Blogger Major Bedhead said...

Congratulations, Margalit! I think I may do this next year, too. It's very cool.

29/7/07 11:41 PM  

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