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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Packed and Ready to Roll #4

Perhaps I should have taken more careful note of what Dawn was packing. Along with the makeup and the contact lenses (what was she thinking?) she brought a bunch of adorable matching outfits. But not much in the way of warm clothing, strong sturdy shoes, etc. OK. I tried to tell her, I tried to warn her, I sent her all the information I had on the channel islands, but she's a fashion plate, what can I say?

Loading up the car for the trip was exciting. Dawn had only been driving for a short time, having never learned until she moved to California. Long story, filled with some hilarious details like when she rolled her brand new car across the street and into the neighbor's living room while staying with her cousin in Petaluma. Um, yeah. Parking on hills IS complicated. Which way to turn the wheel? Oh my!

And so we left the city and headed down 101 towards our camping adventure. Of course we HAD to stop at Anderson's Pea Soup in Buellton, where I ate many bowls of pea soup in my youth. And I wanted to do a side trip to Solvang, but we ran out of time. We did hit the Madonna Inn, where I showed Dawn around and watched her mouth drop as she checked out the various bedrooms and bathrooms.

We arrived at our hotel after dark, went to find something to eat in Ventura, and then hit the sack early. We had to be up at the crack of dawn to get onto the boat leaving for the island.

The next morning Dawn was up early putting in her lenses, doing her makeup, and picking out a spectacular outfit to wear on the boat. I have no clue as to who she thought was going to see her, but then again, we're talking about Dawn, the girl never seen without makeup and a curling iron in her hair. Of course, I lingered in bed until it was time to pull on a clean pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a sweat shirt. Takes me 5 minutes to get ready in the morning.

We repack the car and head off to the National Park Center where we'll pick up the boat. We stopped for breakfast on the go, but we were still hungry when we found the Park Center.

Oh, one salient fact about Dawn. She cannot find her way out of a paper bag. No sense of direction. Cannot read a map to save her life. Relys on flirting to get her anywhere. Hopefully she has GPS now. It was designed just for her!

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Blogger JaniceNW said...

I recognize all the places you're talking about. McHub was raised in Santa Barbara. Except the pea soup place. bleah. Green soup doesn't do it for me.

Great start!

28/7/07 9:58 AM  

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