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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Park Service Lecture #5

We arrived with minutes to spare at the Park Service Center, unpacked the car with our backpacks, water, and food, and entered to see only one other couple that were actually going camping. The rest of the people were daytrippers. The park rangers were adorable. Strong strapping young men. Dawn immediately went into high alert flirt mode. The rangers told us all about the island we were staying on, Anacapa, a bit of the history of the Cannel Islands, and then launched into the what you can and cannot do lecture.

There were way more cannots than cans. We might have gleaned a bit of a hint from that, but noooo. Again we were warned that there is a 'slight' possibility that the boat might not be able to come get us at our expected return time due to bad weather. Which is why we were warned to bring extra food and water for a day or so.

Unbelievably, I took this message to heart and had actually packed what I thought would be enough food to last us for a day or so extra. Ahem. Thought is the optimal word in that sentence.

We loaded up our stuff into a large sail boat, and set sail for a long cruise across the channel to Anacapa. During our sail we saw pods of killer whales, which the guides said was highly unusual. They expected humpbacks, minkes, and maybe gray whales, but not a large pod of killer whales. The rangers were so excited, along with all the day trippers and us crazy campers.

After a gorgeous sail, we spyed in the distance a large, flat island looking more like a mesa sticking out of the ground. On one end was a beautiful arch of rock, and we headed towards it. Little did we know what we were really heading for.......

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