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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tagged! The 5 Things Meme

Whirlwind tagged all the New England Mamas for this meme because she's mean and wanted to find out all these secrets about us. Like what we keep in our closets and refrigerators. As if....


5 things in your refrigerator.
  1. Organic raspberry jam without seeds and sugar from Trader Joes. This is the only jam I've ever eaten that tastes just like fresh raspberries. The strawberry is wonderful, too, but we finished that jar already.
  2. Pizza dough for tonight's dinner.
  3. Organic cucumbers from our local community owned farm. We have celery and carrots from there as well.
  4. Leftover tuna noodle casserole from dinner.
  5. Bottle of Limoncello that I made earlier this year
5 things in your closet.
  1. Collection of handbags made for me by Carol Hearty, all of which are falling apart after years of use, but I cannot throw them away because they are so beautiful.
  2. Grass hula skirt I wore for Purim one year and didn't have the heart to toss because I'm an idiot.
  3. Hat collection for synagogue in hatboxes on shelf.
  4. Tablecloth I've been meaning to finish for, oh, 10 years now but am so farsighted that embroidery is no longer enjoyable.
  5. The Boy's tallit which needs to be dry cleaned
5 things in your purse or backpack
  1. Filofax filled with my life. If I lost this, I'd be dead. It is my wallet, my phone book, my A-Zed, my credit cards, my hospital cards, my insurance cards, photos of my kids, their SS card numbers, maps, shopping lists, etc. Whatever you have on your crackberry, I've got in my Filofax.
  2. Checkbook. Actually two of them. For different banks. For different accounts. For different people. Do I write checks? Rarely. But when I need to write a check, I never have the damn checkbooks, so now I just leave them in my handbag.
  3. Huge amount of loose change that I just throw in there because the Boy lost my fabulous Harrods alligator change purse with a $100 bill in it. Yes he did. Oh yeah. I'm still seething over that one and it was 3 years ago. I can't find a change purse I like as much as I loved that one. So I just throw change in the bottom of my bag until it gets so heavy that I dump it all into the tzedakah box.
  4. Large collection of receipts I have yet to toss. Some of them might be worth something some day, right?
  5. Asthma inhalers. Plural. Mine, the Boy's and the Girl's. Plus spacers for all.
5 things in your car
  1. Nike jacket nobody has worn in at least 3 years.
  2. Towels that have been there since we moved from California
  3. A bag of garbage from cleaning out the car after being shamed by Belinda.
  4. My black corderoy jacket last worn in the fall
  5. My sewing machine which needs to be fixed and will be dropped off when and if we ever go to W. R. where the sewing machine repair guy is located.
5 things in the world you want to see before you die
  1. India, the entire country. All of it. From top to bottom. My life long goal is to travel in India. I want to see the mountains, the beaches, the crazy cities, the Ganges... even the forests with tigers. I have GOT to go there before it's too late for me.
  2. New Zealand, especially the fjords. Not for the bungie jumping, that's for sure.
  3. Japan for the food and the temples. I can skip the cities. Or maybe Kyoto. Yeah, I'd be happy to visit Kyoto. Tokyo would be too overwhelming and I'd go nuts. But I want to buy plastic food and eat amazing food and just breathe the scent of burning incense in the temples. I want to see the indoor beach. I want to shop in the clothing stores. I'm so curious about Japan.
  4. Kenya safari parks to see the animals where they're supposed to be seen. I'm not a zoo goer, and I love animals, but I want to see them safely. For them and for me. Even though Tertia's little video of the lions, buffalos and crocs was heart thumping, I still want to experience this in my life.
  5. Australia for the Great Barrier Reef before it dies from global warming. I've been to the Red Sea and gone diving in the Caribbean, but I need to see the GBR as well.

I guess it is now my turn to tag 5 of you to participate... which I'm loathe to do, so I'll say that anyone who wants to try this meme out is welcome to grab it. Just link back to me, OK?

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Blogger Rhea said...

Interesting. I've been to Japan and I love it. Can't wait to go again. Tokyo is insane but so incredibly interesting.

17/7/07 3:13 PM  

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