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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Taking on Tahoe #22

The b&b was owned by a very delightful German couple who had built their house in North Tahoe to resemble a bavarian alpine home. It had carved wooden balconies all around it where they hung out the down comforters in the morning. They served a huge German style breakfast with many sausages and cheeses and westphalian ham, which I had never even heard of. The place was spotlessly clean and very quiet and peaceful, just what we both needed.

Every morning we would get up, Dawn would drink her Tabs, which she evidentally cannot be without as she swears they keep her regular, and then I'd wait for an hour while she did her hair and makeup and got dressed. Every freaking morning I'd be ready in 10 minutes tops, and would just sit and wait. Drove me nuts. I was beginning to feel like a forgotten husband.

We took a couple of different boat rides on the lake, we went on those paddle boats, we went swimming (brrrr), we went to the Ponderosa ranch, and we even took a day trip to Reno, just because.

Evenings we went into "town" and saw a show, ate dinner at nice restaurants, and even at one of those "all you can eat" buffets they have at the casinos. This time was in Reno, and it was, shall we say, barely edible. But cheap! VERY cheap!

We kept remarking over and over again how uneventful this trip was, how nothing had gone wrong, how peaceful and restful it was. Very different than our other trips.


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