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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thieves in the night #16

I'm back. I did not sleep. We're experiencing a thunder storm right now and I'm worried about having to shut down the computer. I can't even relax for a frigging half hour. It's always something, to quote Roseanne Rosanadana.

Anyhow, back to the story. We debated long and hard before we decided to eat one can of tuna and make popcorn. We made a nice big pot of popcorn, which filled us up enough to not feel starving anymore. While we snuck the popcorn we played the bazillionth game of Yatzee.

Tim and Angie had finally loosened up enough to have fun, and we were laughing our asses off at the whole insanity of the situation. We kept making up funny things to tell their grandchildren about their oh so romantic honeymoon spent with two complete strangers in bunk beds in the same room. If it weren't so funny, it would have been pathetic. But it was funny and we all took it as such. They were such good sports about it. Even when we read the David Brenner book out loud, and neither of them had ever been east of California and knew nothing about Jewish humor, they took it in stride.

During the entire time we were stuck in the little house on the island, we didn't see the rangers once. But when the weather began to clear after 2 days of pouring rain and huge wind gusts, one of them stopped by to invite us to wash at their outside tap, and to partake of some wild boar that they had cooked. Oh yeah, they were eating good while we were discussing the merits of stealing popcorn over tunafish. Real champions, those guys were.

We trooped over to their place and did a whore's bath of washing. My hair was FILTHY from being out in the sandstorm, and I washed it under an outside tap with freezing water. I though I was gonna die it was so cold. But at least it was no longer sticking to my head.

The rangers said that the clearing weather would make it possible for a boat to come the next morning and for us to prepare to get to the launch at around 11. We were so happy we were almost in tears.

Angie, who was the hungriest of the bunch, tore into that wild boar like it was the best thing she ever ate. The rangers asked us if we had eaten anything and we all looked totally innocent and said "no". Freaking liars, the bunch of us.

Back to the little house on the island, where we got ready to leave the next morning. We had eaten, we were clean(er), and we all felt better. Dawn, being her usually wacky self, even put her contacts back in and put on makeup. We were so ready for the boat to come and get us.

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Anonymous Gail said...

Boy, time flies! I just left a comment for "girl" and now I see your back. Just wanted to stop in and say Yay for you for doing the blogathon. And I must say, I love your blog's title & tag line. Heee!

28/7/07 3:32 PM  

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