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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Various and sundry crap

I have to pick my winner for the Dog Days of Summer prize earlier than I had originally said, due to Blogathon. Not that I forgot Blogathon, I'm just in that mid-summer haze when I don't know what day is what. So... I'm closing the comments at 6 pm EST and I'll post the winner soon afterwards. OK?

Speaking of Blogathon, I've finally decided what I'm going to do. Vacation mishaps. Oh, do I have plenty of those to blog about. My undergraduate college roomate will feature promanently in this blogathon. I swear, if she reads this blog, and I'm praying she doesn't, I will not embellish her bizarreness all that much. Maybe. If she's lucky.

Family therapy went very well today. The Boy's 'tude was rightly adjusted, although at this very moment he is tossing a pen at me because I made the Worthless Pet get off of his homework so he (the Boy) could do it. Now he hates me. Oh well, I'll live. Maybe he will to if he stops pissing me off.

I will be baking tomorrow in order to have food for Blogathon. I plan to make coffee cake, a couple of loaves of Challah, and perhaps some oatmeal raisin cookies. And something else sweet. I'm not sure what yet. Lack of ingredients tends to hinder my creativity. As in, the Boy ate all the chocolate chips, damn him.

If you haven't yet sponsored me for Blogathon, please don't make excuses. Just push your way through the crowds and make a nice pledge. It doesn't have to be huge. Even a dollar will make me happy and love you forever. Just sponsor me!

I obviously won't be reading many blogs on Saturday, which will actually be pleasant because I won't have to suffer through all the "look at me grabbing XXX's boob at Blogher" posts. Ugh, the random touching skeeves me right out. I'd be using Purell all day long.

Go here to enter to win $300 worth of Horizon Organic products. Mmmmm, they're good!

And that's just about it. Except, as many have commented, What the Hell is Going On on AMC? Did they decide to use the interns to write this show all summer? Kill Greenlea. Please.

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