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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What a fun night we had

Tonight we went over to the next town to see their early fireworks display. They have them a day early so people can also go tomorrow to either the Esplanade or our city to see a second display. The town next to us is so different than our city. We're very diverse. They're lily white. We've got a mixed economic base. They are affluent. But their fireworks are still a lot of fun.

A friend decided to come with us, and we took her car.

As she was arriving at our house, the street was completely blocked off all the way across at a house one up from us, and then again on the other end of our block, about 4 houses down. Three police cars sat across the entire street on each end, and then there was a fire engine as well. The police cars sat right across from the house my kids call "the crack house" because there are some kids that live there who got kicked out of their high school for dealing. We thought there might be a crack bust, which would be very exciting on our suburban block, but that didn't appear to be what was happening. After about a half hour of the street being blocked by 6 police cars, we made our way down the driveway and were stopped by the police. We couldn't go left, we couldn't go right. We just sat in the driveway until one of the police guys let us through the road block.

As we were driving through, I yelled out the window, "Hey, what's going on?" and the policeman responded, "Oh, we're just measuring." OK. No measuring equipment. Nobody out of the streets. But they're measuring. So of course this became the watchword of the night. We spent a lot of time making "just measuring" jokes.

We got to the high school grounds where they set off the fireworks and trooped off with our chairs, bags of food, blankets, etc. Once we set up camp, we had a nice dinner and waited for it to get dark. We ran into a few people but mostly we don't know many people in that town, so we did a lot of people watching.

Right behind us were a bunch, maybe 7 or 8 kids, who looked to be about 7 to 9 years in age. They had a beach ball which they played with for the longest time, which constantly bounced off of our heads. Not once did they apologize. Not once did their respective parents step in and tell them to cut it out. After a while, the parents left to get ice cream and left all those kids alone. The kids pulled out their glowy necklaces and pulled them apart and started whipping them around. We all got hit several times. It was getting beyond annoying. I finally told them to back up and leave us alone. They did not move. I told them again that they were hitting us. They did not stop. The parents returned and the kids just kept flinging their damn glowy necklaces around. Finally, I really raised my voice and told them to move. They moved like maybe 6 inches, and continued flinging the glowys. My friend got hit hard in the head. She told them to move. Then the Boy got hit again. He told them to move. Finally, one kid flung two glowys at me, hit me in the head, and I grabbed the necklaces, said "Thank you" and turned away from him. He went running over to his mother crying "that lady took my necklace" and she comes over. I tell her we told them countless times to stop hitting us and the kids just didn't listen. I told her we wanted an apology from the kids. She walks away, leaving me with the necklaces, and sends her husband over. He starts bitching about how if we had a problem, we should have talked to the parents. I look at him, get up out of my chair, and say to him, "You left those children along for an hour with NO parental supervision whatsoever, and you expect me to tell you that they've been driving us nuts hitting us with their damn glowys.?" He's all pissed off, and says that we should have talked to him. I said, "You've been sitting here for at least 20 minutes watching your kids HIT US REPEATEDLY and you did not say one damn thing. Just WHY would we bother to talk to you when it's apparent that you don't know how to say "no" to your own kids." I gave him the necklaces, which he then gave back to his kid, and sat back down. At no time did he or his wife say one word to the kids about bothering us. Not a word.

My friend and I were incredulous. My kids were incredulous. My kids were saying that if I had every seen them hit someone with anything, we would have left in a flash. The Girl remembered the time when were were at a Red Sox baseball game and my kids threw some popcorn at someone. We literally got up in maybe the 3rd inning and left. I was FURIOUS with my kids, but the only way kids can learn to not bother other people is by being disciplined. My kids have never ever done anything like that again, which was the point. Just what lesson are those bratty kids going to learn? That it's OK to bother people because they won't ever be disciplined for it? That's great parenting.

Not that my kids are perfect. Far from it. See?

The annoying kids are directly behind the Boy in this photo. See the glowy necklaces?

Anyhow, it got dark and the fireworks started. There were lots of oooooing and aaaaaing. We saw a lot of different types of fireworks this year, which makes me really look forward to tomorrow night, when the show is much better.

Lots of quiet sparkler types.

Lots of loud boomy types.

Some that looked like sperm swimming upwards.

Some that were bright colors.

It was a great evening. We had a ton of fun and we laughed and laughed all night long. Nice to have two nights of fireworks. We're so lucky!

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Blogger kitten said...

THank goodness I finally had a chance to catch up with your blog as I've been MIA for awhile now. TOTALLY shocked about the BF situation!

Great to see the pics of the fireworks!!!! OMG How I miss great fireworks shows! Having ribs n something else to celebrate Down Under tonight while we watch Footy and I dream of swimming in the ocean, fireworks, and hotdogs, etc, etc...

4/7/07 2:30 AM  
Blogger Rhea said...

Two nights, cool. Was that in Needham? Just a guess. I am going to the Newton fireworks tonight.

4/7/07 8:02 AM  
Blogger Amy U. said...

I'm just wondering how my next door neighbours got all the way to your fireworks display last night?

Stupid glowy necklaces.
Stupid no-discipline parents.

4/7/07 8:07 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

Rhea: Yup, it was. I wish we were doing Newton tonight, but alas, I woke up with the stiff neck to end all stiff necks and can only look left. Not up, not down, not right. Left. So trying to see fireworks is going to be useless. The Girl will be there with friends. If you see her, tell her to behave!

4/7/07 3:14 PM  

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