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Saturday, July 28, 2007

What you see is what you get #8

There is absolutely nothing to do on this island. Or, on the top of the island. Plenty to do 10 flights of steps down, but then again, that's 10 flights of stairs back up, and believe me, nothing looks a lot better than that hike up again. So we decided to explore our surroundings.

There is a trail leading off to the other side of the island. We start to follow the trail, marveling at the scenery. Except the scenery never changes. You've got your giant coreopsis, your ice plant, your freaking shreiking sea gulls, and your nesting pelicans. That's pretty much it. We follow the path, all happy that it's sunny and beautiful out, and all of a sudden we realize that we've circumnavigated the entire island in oh, maybe an hour of hiking.

At this point, we both get hysterical. We're laughing so hard at the absurdity of the situation that we can barely breathe. We've completely explored the entire island in an hour, and we're supposed to be there for 3 days. Lucky we brought some entertainment. I brought dice, we both brought books, and I brought a little travel mastermind game. That should keep us entertained, right?

Yeah, right. Dawn and I have never had a lack of things to talk about. She goes on and on about scummy boyfriend of the day, I talk about grad school and the work and gossip about all our mutual friends. We're good friends and we can keep ourselves entertained for long periods of time, especially with some botanical help, which we did have with us.

So day slipped into night, we made ourselves some dinner and drifted off to sleep listening to the sounds of barking seals and sea cows. Noisy buggers, those marine mammals.

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