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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Where I get all enthusiastic #3

Dawn, my long suffering friend, is a girly girl. She likes makeup and pretty clothes picked out by her Nordstrom personal shopper. She spends copious amounts of time getting ready in the morning. She's an inveterate flirt, which we'll cover many times during this blogathon expose. And I cannot stress this point strongly enough, she has TERRIBLE taste in men. If they're scum, she's on board!

So imagine Dawn's shock when I mention that this year's girl trip should be at the Channel Islands. Well, she wasn't immediately on board. Ahem. It took some convincing, but I got her pretty psyched.

There was much preparation to do. I had most of the camping gear, which was in Massachusetts. She had a sleeping bag, I think. Probably. Or maybe borrowed. It doesn't matter.

The plan was for me to fly into Oakland, we'd stay in Berkeley for a couple of days getting stuff ready, and then we'd drive down the coast, stay overnight at a motel in Ventura, and get on the boat early the next morning. Everything went well, an ominous sign. We made a huge bag of gorp for munching, bought 4 2.5 gallon water jugs that are freaking heavy when carried up 10 flights of stairs, a bunch of misc. food items to cook and eat for our supposed 3 nights and 4 days on Anacapa island. Shopping at the Berkeley Bowl is horrible on most days, but when you have one recovering anorexic who eats air for lunch and then spends 4 hours exercising it off, plus one hearty eater that feels exercise is God's curse, well than trying to figure out what to eat becomes a bit challanging......

Reminder: I'm blogging for Children's Hospital in Boston. You can sponsor me here.

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Blogger jen said...

yay!!! post #3!

28/7/07 9:17 AM  

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