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Monday, July 16, 2007

You know what I miss?

Have you been following this amazing thread from the NYTimes web site? I've been reading it for a couple of hours throughout the day. I find it interesting that people actually missed the same thing I do, which is obscure at best. I actually found it so amusing I had to call a friend of mine, a friend that I introduced the missing item to, who has also fallen in deep despair since the product was removed from store shelves.

I don't like new and improved, for the most part. I like things that remain the same. Either I like them to begin with, or I don't and won't try it, but I'm not big on things changing formula. I can't stand when you buy shoes that are comfortable and fit and when you go to replace them, they're no longer offered. I hate that. I hate when packaging changes and gets ever more complicated and filled with plastics. I hate it when a product I use over and over for years is changed to something that I don't like. Say, like toothpaste. I spent my entire life using plain old Crest toothpaste. It didn't taste good, but it did a decent job of cleaning my teeth. But then there were different Crests. There were gels and stripes and weird flavors. So I switched to the Lemon flavor, it's now it's gone. Gone. I hate that!

I don't mean to be curmudgeonly, but I like things the way I'm used to them. I hate that every time you upgrade your cell phone it's got more bells and whistles but doesn't work any better than the old ones. But you have to pay for the fancy ring tones (hate them) and the cameras, and all the other crapola. Give me a phone that makes and receives calls. Isn't that what phones are for. Not that I don't covet the Iphone, because it's beautiful, but still, would I ever use the features? I don't even know how to text. Not that I have anyone to text to, because my friends are bigger luddites than I am.

The product is miss most is actually a product line. Sunshine Biscuits. They made Hydrox (gone) which I liked so much better than oreos. And they made my favorite cookie, the Squashed Bug cookie, aka Golden Fruit Biscuits. Do you remember those? They came in a long thin package, yellow, and inside there were two long thin cookies with performations. I think there were 4 to a bar. The outside was a plain biscuit-type cookie, much like a digestive, only flakier, and inside were squished raisins. They looked like Squashed Bugs, hence our family name for the cookies. Much like a Fig Newton, they weren't overly sweet and they didn't have a lot of crap in them. They were great with tea. I grew up on them. As a kid, they weren't my favorites, but when my kids were little, they were just about the only cookie I would buy for them. Cookies, but actually good for you.

When Oreos went Kosher, Sunshine took a huge hit. They used to be the only Kosher cookies you could reliably get in a mainstream grocery store. First Hydrox disappeared in 1996, the year that Sunshine merged with Keebler, and then more and more of the line went missing, including my beloved Squashed Bug cookies. Finally, Sunshine just faded away. The line was owned by Keebler, but I guess the elves weren't Jewish or something. Now there are a few products left, but they don't carry the Sunshine brand. Cheez-its, Krispy Cracker Saltines, and Vienna Fingers are all part of the Sunshine brand, but are now Keebler brand-named. I hate those frigging elves. They took my cookies away.

You can get a facsimile of the cookies at the Vermont Country Store. They're twice the price, don't taste as good, and the package is smaller. But when you're desperate... you'll eat them.

What do you miss that is no longer available?

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Blogger JaniceNW said...

My waist. I really really miss my waist.

16/7/07 10:50 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

That was hilarious. I don't miss my waist. I never had one. Built straight up and down. No waist. No ass. I look like Ed Asner in drag!:-)

17/7/07 12:19 AM  
Blogger Major Bedhead said...

They don't make Hydrox any more?

I miss Vachon cakes. And real Coke, not Coke Classic. There is a difference. And these cough drops that were by some (Luden?) brothers, not Smith. They were squishy. I loved, loved, loved the honey ones.

I'm sure I'll think of more.

17/7/07 12:58 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

Oh, I loved those Luden cough drops, too. They were oblong and so chewy, like British fruit gums, which I also love.

17/7/07 2:52 AM  
Blogger JaniceNW said...

I saw a truck with Hydrox cookies on it's side panels today. Weird huh? I would have never noticed if you hadn't pointed it out.

17/7/07 8:33 PM  

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