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Saturday, July 28, 2007

You walk 1/2 mile and whadda ya get? #7

About 20 years older and blistered heels, that's that you get. Walking straight up hill in hiking boots...youch! But we did it. We made it. We arrived at the spacious campground to find...

a picnic table
a portapotty
and... oh, that's it.

The other couple had already grabbed the campsite on the other end of the site, far from the porta potty, and were busy setting up camp. They weren't friendly except for vague wave. My, how things would change.

We pulled out my tent and staked it down, unpacked our foam pads and sleeping bags, pulled out my little camp stove, and set up our food. On this island there were no animals that would foraged for food, so we were lucky that we could keep everything covered, but not hanging from trees.

Which would be impossible because there were no trees. Not a one of them. In fact, the vegetation was rather remarkable. There appeared to be two kinds of plants. Ice plants, which are a typical southern California ground cover, and giant coreopsis. That was a plant I with which I was totally unfamiliar. Before long, we would be old friends. The giant coreopsis isn't giant. At it's tallest, it might hit 3'. Which meant that there was no shade whatsoever.

Let's look globally, shall we? We're in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on an island with not one tree, that looks more like a mesa found in the Arizona desert. There are 3 buildings on the island. The ranger station. The lighthouse. The water storage tank. They are all over on one end of the island near the stairs. The rest of the island consists of giant coreopsis, way to many freaking seagulls, and pelicans. Lots and lots of pelicans. Nesting seagulls and pelicans. So you had to be careful and only walk right on the trail for fear of being attacked by some fierce mommybird protecting her eggs.

I'm blogging for Children's Hospital in Boston. They never deny any child medical care despite a lack of insurance or an inability to pay. Your generous donations make this possible. So please sponsor me. It's for the children.

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