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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cats can get concussions

Who knew that it was possible for a cat to give himself a concussion? I mean, cats land on their feet. Cats are graceful. Cats are careful. And oh, cats can be really really stupid.

Worthless Pet has never been known as the sharpest knife in the drawer. He's not that sweet, he's not that bright, in fact he's not the world's greatest pet in any way. Hence his nickname. But until yesterday morning, I am least gave him credit for being bright enough to understand that windows contain glass. Evidentally, I was crediting him with a bit more than he's able to handle.

The Girl was laying on the sofa which is in front of two large windows. Triple paned windows. The windows were down, but the screen was up. Because I'm such a fabulous housekeeper (cough cough) the windows happened to be very clean, but between the double paned window and the storm window, a large creepy spider was knitting his latest lair. He was going about it at top notch speed in order to catch some tasty morsel.

Worthless Pet jumped up on the Girl for some lovin' and caught sight of the spider. He jumped from her tummy right into the glass pane. He hit the window with such force that he bashed his head, rebounded right off the sofa, and fell to the floor where he was out cold for almost a minute.

He woke up a bit wonky, sort of walking crooked and seemingly drunk. The vet said to make sure he stayed awake. Have you ever tried to keep a cat awake? He kept slipping off to sleep somewhere, and we'd have to find him and rouse him. He was not happy.

Today he doesn't have a lump on his noggin, which I find astounding, and he's been inside most of the day as well. Of course, to show his extreme frustration with being jailed for 2 full days, he had to pee on the dining room floor. That's his "I'm totally annoyed with you" spot. Right now I'm typing while he's slung over my shoulder, something so rare I figured I should document it.

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Anonymous Cin said...

I'm sorry - I really am. But I'm laughing myself silly right now. I'm so glad I don't have the only cat in history to do something like this to himself!

As it is, I am now and forever known at the vet's as Mulder's mom - "you know, the one who gave himself a bleeding nose by inhaling his food and sneezing on the crossbar".

23/8/07 4:07 PM  
Anonymous MaryP said...

Oh, oh, oh... my stomach hurts. I have had several cats over my life, and I completely agree: cats can be very, very stupid. Elegant, yes. Brilliant? Not so much.

He knocked himself out COLD? Oh, [gasp, choke] the poor [snicker] thing!

24/8/07 6:32 PM  

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