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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Could I be more shell-shocked?

After the gigantic 2-day birthday bonanza, there has been a severe letdown here at Chez Bombe. I've spent so much time plotting and planning this birthday thing, so much time shopping, doing errands galore, talking with the kids, trying to keep the more grandiose plans more reality bound. Now it's all over with and life marches onward towards school.

I'm tired, I'm virtually spent. I've been going at full speed for almost 2 weeks, and mostly I'm a life in the slow lane type of woman. It was as if everything I didn't do all summer had to be done RIGHT NOW, and I just revved up the motors and did what I could. Now, all there is left is... the forms. I have a pile of forms up to the sky to fill out. I know I have to do them. I've even made all the copies I need to accompany the forms. But geesh, can't you hire people to fill out forms? They are so tedious, especially all the freaking school emergency forms, which contain the same exact information as they did last year and the year before. I've put them off until I can't put them off anymore, and Monday is the day. I have to just do it.

I can't tomorrow because I've got a meet-up with the New England Mama's, a group of beautiful blogging women from right here in our tiny corner of the world. We're getting together for a schmooze, lunch, and a bit of planning over the future of our site. I'm psyched to be meeting up with women who get blogging. It does get tiring to try to explain to others just what blogging actually is.

After I get home from the blogging meetup, I have to head out again with the Boy to take him to meet his girlfriend and her mom, who is taking us out to dinner. That should also be very interesting for a variety of reasons I can't go into here. But suffice it to say, I'm really wondering just what this whole meeting is going to accomplish, if anything.

What I want more than anything is a day in bed. I really could use one, too. But there isn't any time. We have doctor's appointments and dentist appointments and therapy appointments and every freaking appointment under the sun next week. I still haven't found the time to apply for a car loan for the new car. I have to do it this week. I'm not even sure where to start because my bank is pretty much the last place, interest rate wise, I want to go to.

I think this is going to be a light week, blogging wise. School draws ever nearer, and although every possible bit of shopping has been done for supplies, clothing, etc. more little things crop up all the time that take up time I honestly don't have.

We're down to our last roll of toilet paper, paper towels, and we're out of napkins. Another trip to the store. I just can't wait till the kids drive and I can send them. DO NOT EVER repeat that statement to me. I know what it sounds like. It's all lies, anyhow. I can wait a good long time.

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