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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Could we at least TRY to advertise correctly

I'm a crack addict when it comes to freecycle and the free lists on Craigslists. I read the ads all day long, hoping that something might come my way that we need and I just can't afford. Recently I got a boxspring and mattress for the Boy, to replace the one he's been sleeping on for years with a broken spring. This is a nice set, Sealy, in great shape. Used as a guest bed. Perfect for us. Then I went to pick up an Ikea dresser for the girls. Good shape, and just what she wanted. She's totally redone her room with freebies, and she's pretty darn happy.

I like finding stuff, but I have got to say, Craigslist either brings out all the morons, or we have a problem in our schools that goes way beyond NCLB. Like spelling. How hard is it to spell DRAWER. As in "the dresser has four DRAWERS." More likely, you'll see "4 draw dresser". I'm not sure what that means.

Another one I especially loathe is "buro" OK, I'll give you one that bureau isn't the easiest word to spell, and it's French to boot, but geesh, BURO. Or BUROW. God help us all.

Then there are the people that don't even bother cleaning up their place before they take photos of the items. I mean, do you really want to believe that someone is going to buy a dresser covered with crap and stuff leaning up against it? Even if it's free, hey, you're a slob, why would I want your furniture?

Lastly, people. Put up a picture. It takes no effort of time to post a photo. Nobody is going to want to take your item sight unseen, plus, you're asking them to drive to east bumfuck on your description alone. Not a great idea. Especially when you're trying to sell furniture. You don't describe furniture. You say things like "sofa and matching love seat, good condition but has cat scratches on arms. $500" Now honestly, are you going to bother with this ad? It has no description of piece. No color, no size, no style. Skip. Pictures say a thousand words. Use them.

For those PURCHASING from CL or getting something from freecycle, read the ad. It it says $20 EACH, that means that you don't get 5 items for $20. READ people. If the ad says CASH ONLY, that means the seller wants only money, not credit cards, not checks. If the ad says that the item is in Hoboken, do not ask 'where are you located and do you come into Manhattan so you can bring it to me?" Come on, buyers. Make a little effort!

If you want something, come and get it. Don't leave a seller hanging. You're notoriously flakey, craigslist peeps. Try not to live up to that reputation. If you contact a seller and say you're interested, and then do not respond to the seller's information, well, you're going to be crossed off the list. Are you really interested enough to pay the money and take the drive to pick up the item? If the answer is yes, then contact the seller. If it's maybe, or no, then leave the poor seller alone. Nothing like getting 70 emails from people who aren't really all that interested in your item.

Here's another tidbit. If an ad says "Need Help Weeding Garden--$10/hour" don't email the advertiser and say "how much does the job pay?" Really. Don't. And while we're on the topic of answering 'help wanted ads', don't you think it might be a good idea to spell check your email response? Wouldn't it be a great idea to make sure that you're being polite, courteous, and eager to help the advertiser? I mean, which respondent would an advertiser want to hire?

Hi, saw your ad on craigslist. I'll wed your garden for $15 but I can only cum on tuesday becuz my sister is getting married on sat. call me back at..."

Hi, I'm responding to your ad on Craigslist. I would be happy to help you with your garden. I've been a landscaper part time for 4 years and am a fast and diligent worker. I'm available on the following dates and times, and would love to help you out for the specified price.
Hmmmm, not a hard choice, is it?

In conclusion, make an effort. Be polite. Be descriptive. Be communicative. Be HONEST. Or be gone.

That is all.
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Blogger madamspud169 said...

I got my car off Freecycle, it cost us $100 to get it on the road & has never given us a moments trouble.
I also got a computer off Freecycle, which is better than the one I had originally.
And the best thing of all, it's all for free.

25/8/07 9:49 AM  
Blogger Dara said...

Thanks for the quick lesson - I will be making good use of both before my trip to DC (BTW - it's really the outskirts of the DC suburbs, horse country - but when I say MD everyone thinks Baltimore!). Thanks for stopping by.

25/8/07 5:04 PM  

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