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Monday, August 20, 2007

I live in Appliance Hell

First it was the stove. Dead as a doornail. 4 long days it took to determine that the circuit breaker was shot and have it repaired.

Last week it was the hot water heater. That took a few days to get replaced. I was all happy that we finally had hot water as some of us are rather ripe and refused to take a cold shower. Some would not be anyone of the female persuasion.

I'm sitting here reading bloglines and watching Letterman. The dishwasher is humming in the kitchen when BAM! the freaking door blew open and started to flood the kitchen. Now we can't get the door to close.

I'm telling you, appliance hell.

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Blogger Robin said...

Maybe sacrificing a small appliance to the appliance gods would help. Say, a toaster, or a curling iron?

21/8/07 3:02 AM  
Blogger L. said...

Sorry your appliances are out to get you.

And also sorry I didn't call you when I was in your neck of the woods for a few days last week, on our Boston/Connecticut/New York/New Jersey trip. There were so many East Coast bloggers I wanted to meet, but didn't meet a single one, because every minute of the trip was crammed with plans. We spent two nights at the Jersey shore and didn't even make it to the beach!

The Red Sox game was the best part (ssssshhhhh, don't tell my family that).

21/8/07 9:53 AM  

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