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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Let's make some things perfectly clear, shall we?

This is MY blog and I write what I want to, when I want to, how I want to. I also take comments when I want to, from whom I want to, and that's my policy. Neither of those statements is going to change.

Let's recap: My Blog, My Words, My Thoughts, My Opinions, My Decisions. Okie Dokie? If you don't like said policy, there is a big red X at the upper left hand corner of the window. Click on it. Magically, I will disappear from your life. It's as simple as that.

Now, as to why I need to reiterate these words. Sometimes there are very stupid people in the world that think it's a really cool thing to behave like a bully. They like to push people around. They think it's not only acceptable, but actually a good thing to be thought of as a bitch. They don't have nice things to say about other people. They never bother to think about a person's feelings, they just like to rail on them.

Those people with those personality traits sometimes blog. And when they do, they think it's hilarious to pick on people, oh just because they disagree with them. Then they post ugly commentaries about said people, and allow their unctuous followers to post even nastier, bitchier comments because those comments have to PROVE how they're just as bitchy as the queen bitch. Oh, it's so funny to be mean, isn't it? I will not give them one single hit by linking to them. They know who they are, they lurk looking for things to bitch about, and I'm over it. WAY over it.

So the commenter's come over to the blog that's been linked, read a few entries, or even just one, and then decide they know MORE than the blogger they're picking on about the blogger's life. They become 'experts' on how the blogger lives, how much money they have, what they think they own, how they raise their children, and then, because it's just such a gas to be a bitch, write specious comments about how terrible the original blogger is. They question everything, even things that have been clearly posted about ad nauseum for years, but which they have decided they know more about, because after all, they've read one or two posts out of thousands, which makes them experts on how other people live their lives. Yeah, experts.

I'm freaking tired of it. I'm tired of people that revel in tearing other apart because they have nothing else in their sad little lives. I'm tired of reading about how I'm evil incarnate because I'm disabled, like being sick is my fault and makes me a bad person. I'm sick of people dropping in on my blog out of the freaking blue and making assumptions about my entire life from what little snippets they read here. OK, you think you all know so much about me. You don't know what I did for most of my working life, but you THINK you do. You don't know about where I'm from or what kind of childhood I had, but you THINK you do. You don't know what's going on with my children's lives, but you THINK you do. You know jack shit about how my family lives, but you THINK you do. You don't. Not a freaking thing.

In other words, negative nelly's, you know freaking NOTHING about my life other than what I leave here. I leave little crumbs. I don't ever tell all because it's not your business. It isn't your business how I earn my income. It isn't your business how much I get for SSDI. It isn't your business what kind of disability my child has. It isn't your business who my family is, what my real name is, what any of my life is about. I don't share it because it ISN'T YOUR BUSINESS.

So go ahead and pick on someone else. You're not getting anything out of me. Not a reaction, not an outcry, not a comment. Nothing. I don't have the time or the inclination to feed trolls. I will never publish your comments. I will never acknowledge that you're alive. I will never even bother thinking about what kind of horrible person relishes being such an asshole that they title their blog with the words "Things I Hate". I mean, what a freaking waste of energy to spend your entire writing life talking about what you hate about others. How is that going to make the world a better place? Oh, I forgot, you don't BELIEVE in making the world a better place. You only believe in making other people miserable and then laughing about it. Because you're such an excellent person.

But this isn't just about you, troll. It's about another person, too. A megalomaniac with such a huge ego and such a huge idea of her own greatness that she feels that she can shout it out. I'm a bitch. I'm abrasive. People Hate Me. My Own Mother Hates ME. Um, maybe it's because you're a hateful person? Just sayin'.

I don't give a flying fuck about either of you. You wandered into MY space, you decided you could interfere with MY blog, and now I'm telling you to your collective faces. Fuck off and die. I don't want anything to do with any of you. You need to continue to pick on me? Go right ahead. It makes you even smaller than you already are. And your little comment whores, the ones that have to show how bitchy they are just so you'll fawn all over them? Microscopic. Shooo, little bugs. Shoo.

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