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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mom, Drive me to the Mall and then LEAVE

Yeah, it's a familiar refrain when you have kids. Drop me off someplace were nobody can see me and then disappear into thin air, OK? Today, I actually did it. I've never really had to before, because the kids can get pretty much anyplace they want to, including both malls in our town, on their own. But the Boy wanted to see his girlfriend, who lives in the middle of the state, and half way between our various houses, so I agreed. In front of Macy's I told him to meet us at 6, and then drove off with the Girl and her friend for our own adventure.

The Girl begged to go to Bob's stores to check out the "back to school" clothing she's planning to purchase with the birthday money she's counting on receiving. Nothing like planning ahead. We've never been to Bobs, but she has friends that shop there and swear by it. Now I know why. Have you ever shopped at a Bobs? Oh my gawd, they have the cutest clothes for teens. Great prices, discounts and sales galore, and the clothes are adorable. She was in shopping heaven. We looked at plaid shorts, which at the beginning of the summer she pronounced geeky and disgusting, but now is dying to own. We checked out the shoes, and got her a pair of very on sale marked down to almost nothing shoes for school. The deal is, she isn't allowed to wear them until school starts AND she has to clean up her room to my satisfaction AND she has to help me sort stuff to sell on Ebay. I think I got the way better end of the deal!

I was looking for new underwear. It was one of those desperate situations I tend to get into about every 3 years, where most of my underwear is so worn out and sad looking that I just need to toss it all in the garbage and start over. Plus, with a rather substantial weight loss this year, I don't wear the same size underwear I wore previously, and that means that every pair of underwear I currently own is not only huge, but gets stuck in my butt every time I sit down. Wedgie city. It was time for a change.

I got a bunch of new undies. Boy pants, bikinis, high cuts. I'm going to be very fashionable underneath my worn out and tattered clothing. I rock.

Back to the mall to pick up the Boy, and there he was, waiting right in front of Macy's like I told him to, with the girlfriend I have never before laid eyes on. My, she's pretty. And he looked proud and happy. He hugged her as her mother stood off to the side, and jumped into the car.

Home we drove, and then we had to at least attempt to figure out why the very new stove we have has shorted out and died. The Girl reported seeing a big flash of electricity from the back and then nothing. After flipping the circuit breakers several times, it is apparent that our stove, our pretty new stove, is dead as a doornail. I am not happy about this. Not happy at all.

Because we now have no stove, cooking is, well, questionable. Tonight I made what I'd refer to as a concoction. Frozen chicken tenders covered with diced tomatos and fresh herbs and put into the microwave. It was edible, but it wasn't fine dining. Tomorrow I'm going to have to pull out the crock pot. But the coffee! The Coffee! I cannot make coffee. I cannot bake. All of a sudden I'm stymied as to what to do to provide food for the family. This bites.

I got to talk for a very long time tonight with Janice for a really long chat. She got the hear the Boy in all his glory as he drove me off the freaking edge with his constant chattering. I finally let him talk to her so he would shut up and leave me alone. She gets it. She's got one of those kids, too. I love when people really "get it" and know that whatever kind of parenting one does, these kids are on their own little planet most of the time. She kept telling me to take Xanax. Yeah, that would help! He could be annoying and I could be more able to ignore it. Gotta call the doctor on Monday anyhow.

Tomorrow we clean out the hall closet. Something to look forward to.

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Blogger JaniceNW said...

Janice LURVES xanax. It is one of her favorite drugs. So handy for so many different stressful situations...........like hubby whining about BPB for what seems like the entire year 2006. Or when the 18yo is yelling f*** off to the 16yo and the 16yo answers something back that causes 18yo to want to beat younger brother to a pulp. Yes, I understand why my mom drank. She had 4 of us and 2 of us were teens at the same tome for over 15 years. One kid with ADHD and his brother, 22 months younger wrestled 24/7 and yelled loudly at same time. OY VEY.

12/8/07 12:16 AM  

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