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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

National Crisis! Alert the Media!--Updated

Gotta to use Lots Of Exclamation Points!

The Boy has Lost His Ipod!

He lost it when nobody else was home!

There is nobody to blame but himself!

It is KILLING him!

He has to search the entire house all by himself!

He has to CLEAN HIS ROOM from top to bottom!

He even has to retrace his steps for several hour!

This is a crisis of epic proportions!!! In fact, the world must stop to help look for his Ipod!

Have you seen it? Did you sneak into our house and take it while he was home playing on the computer all by himself? I know you did! It's YOUR fault!

Because really, how could it be the Boy's fault? He's perfect. Just ask him. He'll ensure you over and over again ad nauseum. Because he's Perfect and you're not!

Honestly, this is the saddest I've seen him in a long long time. He lives for that damn Ipod. He loves music, he bases his freaking life on music, and to lose the Ipod, when there is nobody but himself to blame, is killing him. He's moping around picking things up and putting them down again with a look of pure confusion. How could this have happened? He does not understand.

I really feel for him, I do. But man, this is so much a lesson he needed to go through. Everything is always someone else's fault. EVERYTHING. He has a really difficult time with personal responsibility, but for once, there is just no way he can blame The Girl or me. We weren't home when he lost it. All of his headphones are here. He set it down someplace and forgot where. It's in the house, he was alone, nobody took it, it will eventually turn up. But the hangdog look and the sadness he is exucing, just wow. Poor kid. I know it sounds mean, but this is really good for him. REALLY good for him. And no, I didn't take it. But until he finds it, he's going to have to feel what the rest of us do: that "Oh, I'm such a jerk" feeling when we do something dumb. He's in therapy now and I'd bet anything they're talking about the lost Ipod. We'll be talking about it until it's found. He's very focussed that way. Not on school, but on the Ipod. Yeah.

Update: The Girl came home from her friend's house, went up the back stairs, and a few minutes later, came back down the front stairs. Half way down the stairs she called for her brother. The Ipod was sitting right on the stairs. He had been up and down those stairs countless times and walked right by it. Oh man, it was so freaking funny!

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I am glad that he found it. I have lost things in the house & never found them again...it make me really paranoid when something is missing. I am sure that somehow I manage to accidentally throw it out or take whatever out of the house...and then it is lost forever. I really freak out when I misplace anything.

29/8/07 1:19 AM  
Blogger craziequeen said...

Are you sure The Girl didn't 'borrow' the iPod and 'find' it on the stairs.....? That sounds like my siblings.....

Poor Boy, some lessons are very hard to learn :-(


29/8/07 5:44 AM  
Anonymous pinks & Blues Girls said...

Funny how in your last post you actually wrote that The Boy is - and I quote - "not that careful with his belongings."

Is a mother right on target or what!?

Glad he found it, though. I don't know what I'd do if I lost mine either.

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

29/8/07 1:05 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

CQ, no, honestly the Girl didn't have it. She was out with me for hours and there was no Ipod in sight. Plus, he was listening to it when we left, so and he had it while we were gone. This time...all his fault.

And he finally admitted it.

Life lesson learned. Score one for mom!

29/8/07 1:44 PM  
Blogger Alex Elliot said...

I find fairly frequently in our house that there's a crisis where my husband or my older son can't find something. It turns out it's right in front of them. I've started joking that I'm going to hide their holiday gifts in the middle of the room so they can't find them.

29/8/07 4:52 PM  

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