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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Water rides make me very happy

I'm not big on the amusement park as a form of hilarity. I mean, I can take or leave them, but I mostly prefer a beach outing or something a big less frenetic than an amusement park. But off to the amusement park we did go today, and I learned something new about myself. I do not mind being soaking wet, I mean REALLY soaking wet, for hours at a time. I did not know this about myself before today because I've never had a chance to be soaking wet for hours before. But being wet cools me down, makes me feel nice and chilled, and I'm more pleasant to be around than when I'm hot and sticky. Learn something new every day.

We got to the park, and when we got out of the car I almost passed out from the heat. Because of my heart issue, I react very negatively to heat, and it was freaking hot out. As we walked from the parking lot to the entrance I was dizzy and about to fall flat on my face. Not a grand entrance to the park. So we rented a wheel chair for me, and that made the park totally doable. Except that the chair we rented was a bit 'off' and didn't really enjoy going in a straight line.

The first thing we did upon arrival is go all the way to hell and back to get to our free, all-you-can-eat buffet, where the boy disappointed me by only having one burger, one dog, and various sides. I though he would pack away more, but he just wasn't up to the task.

After lunch we all decided to go on a ride that only takes a few minutes, but gets you SOAKING wet. Wheeee! No long line, either. It's a log flume kinda thing, goes chug chug chug up a big hill, then down fast into a big pool of water and makes a tremendous splash. Then, as you're departing the ride, there's a bridge that goes over it that takes the brunt of the splash, so you get a repeat performance as you're leaving. We were dripping, but it felt great and it was a lot of fun.

The kids went on a few rides that I totally skipped because I am a chicken and would much rather people watch than take my life into my hands. Plus, while I waited I got a chance for a catnap or two. The roller coaster lines were endless, so they skipped those rides, but they waited a long time for a brand new ride they had never been on.

We walked hither and yon, we ate pizza slices for dinner, the Boy tried valiantly to win the Girl a stuffed Patrick, but the game was broken and he tossed out money in vain. But he tried and that was good.

Everyone took turns pushing me around, and I was having a blast on the hills and we almost careened into whole families not watching where they were walking. One pathway was fake cobblestones and the whole way across it I was making noises so I could hear my voice shake. Oh, I'm so easy to entertain!

In the late afternoon we hit the little waterpark feature, and again with the soaking wet. I was walking around the slide and unbeknownst to me, there is a spray thing that can be aimed at unsuspecting people and the water just dumps down on you. They got me good. I was all, "Where'd the water come from?" and my kids were laughing their asses off. We really loved this little water park, but it was packed. PACKED. You could barely breathe. We found some chaises in the back and lay down for a few minutes for a chillax, but then it was time to go on more rides. Whee!

We decided to leave around 9, before the fireworks started and the entire mob wanted to leave the parking lot at the same time. On the way out, I had to get some cotton candy for all of us, I had to get an ice cream, and S had to get fried dough. After that junk food extravaganza (only 56 calories in a huge bag of cotton candy, btw!), we started to leave and the wheel chair, which was acting poopy the entire day, decided that the only direction it like to go in was a circle. Which was not getting me out of the park. The walk was way too far and I was too tired to even think about it, so we got a security guard to get us another wheelchair. While we were waiting for him, some of us made a mad dash for the teacup ride, which was broken earlier and has then reopened, but the wheelchair came too fast. It was OK, we all were tired and ready to leave.

On the ride home we played Capitals, and I'm proud to say that my kids did better than a certain private school girl who was dismal at best. We then played the Boy's favorite car game, which is the Movie Game. You say a movie, the next person picks and actor from that movie, the next person picks another movie that actor has been in, the next person picks another actor from the second movie, and so on. The Boy CANNOT be beaten at his game. But not only that, he's obnoxious about it, and tells everyone answers before they have a second to thing. My friend I is not a movie goer, and she's horrible at this game, so she brings up movies they can't possibly know about. It was pandemonium in the car.

We home, I peeled off my wet clothes, lay down on the sofa and was out like a light for a couple of hours. The boy also fell asleep. The Girl was upstairs gabbing on the phone and cleaning her room. I know... she's on a roll, that one!

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Anonymous bethany actually said...

That sounds like it was an awesome day! Glad you discovered your love of water rides. :-)

5/8/07 12:48 PM  
Blogger madamspud169 said...

Sounds like an absolutely great day & great day & waterpark.
It's typical about the wheelchair, I always seem to find the ones with two left wheels too, we ended up buying one & now keep it in the trunk for the places where there's no electronic ones to hire.
I still find needing a wheelchair horrible & it really makes me feel so much better to read you talking about it in such a comical, matter of fact way.
Thank you

6/8/07 5:18 AM  

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