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Monday, August 06, 2007

Why yes, I AM fluish! (Updated)

I have spent the entire day either on the sofa moaning, or in the bathroom moaning. It doesn't even matter where, because the moaning is what counts. I'm feeling a tad bit fluish. I must have eaten something that disagreed with me, but since my diet lately has consisted of blueberry muffins and pluots, I'm not all that sure what it is that is making me feel so... well, awful.

The Boy is relishing in my discomfort. It means he gets to play Diablo II for hours on the computer. He has hogged the computer the entire day. I don't care because I just want to be left alone to get in some champion moaning. The Diablo playing means that he talks to himself non-stop. It is SOOOO creepy. He holds a completely conversation with himself, asking and answering questions and providing a running commentary on the various game highlights. I often tell him to keep it down, and then I had to have "the talk" with him about how it's creepy to talk to yourself nonstop. He doesn't even know he does it most of the time.

The Boy reading my blog. He reads it daily. Lucky me.

In the meantime, the Girl has friends over. One friend I know, and that friend has brought along two boys that I don't know, and am not all that thrilled about. One is a kid from the high school, the other is his much older cousin. Cousin appears to be in early 20's, has a mohawk and about 30 face piercings. He's a bit, well, OLD for the Girl, but he comes with the other boy, who isn't much more attractive. The Boy of course reports that kid she knows is a stoner. Why am I not surprised? But the Boy is finally of the computer and all the kids are watching School of Rock, which is keeping them busy and off of each other.

The Girl, her friends, and the cousin. Dominos Pizza IS NOT ours. I don't buy Dominos. I hate their politics. They suck. So does their pizza.

I just am relishing these teen years. Today I had to get the Girl out of Cousin's car, where she thought it was just A-OK to go driving off for a bit. Hell to the NO. We do not ride in stranger's cars. EVER. Which is a solid rule. A rule she conveniently forgot. Isn't it amazing how kids can forget rules they've grown up with once they are confronted with friends who don't have said rules? Um, yeah.

My kids are good kids. They really are. They don't get into the kind of trouble some of the kids in town do. But common sense just seems to wash right out of their brains when they're around other kids. I was the same way as a teen. I think most teens are. Peer pressure rules when you're a teen. Neither of my kids are in the least bit conformist. They are both leaders, not followers. They are both socially adept (well, most of the time), but this hormonal poisoning known as adolescence can really put them off their good sense.

The Girl and I had a conversation yesterday in the car about a good friend of hers. This girl's mother doesn't trust this girl and is constantly calling her cell to check where she is. Often she'll drive over to where the girl claims she is, and finds that the girl isn't there. My daughter is trying to tell me that the mother is a PITA, but I've got a different opinion. Her daughter lies to her all the time. She's always telling her mom one thing and doing another. Last week she got the Girl is HUGE trouble (Girl is grounded and not allowed to leave the property for 2 weeks) by lying to her and making a promise that backfired. The Girl ended up doing something exceptionally stupid. Oh, she was honest about it and told me immediately, before I found out on my own. But when I said "no contact" with this friend for the rest of the summer, the Girl was incredulous. She's all "WHY?" and I'm just astounded that she didn't get why. Plus, I found out that this girl had bought Marilyn Manson tickets and the Girl was going to go without telling me. Whoa Nelly. No contact. None.

Anyhow, enough about teenagers. Let's get back to me. I'm moaning. My stomach is so upset. I've got to make pizza for 5 hungry teenagers in a little while. And I'm letting the Boy back on the computer. What's about 6 hours of Diablo? Nothing, as long as he leaves me alone. ALONE, I say.

Actually, it's nice to have a day off the computer. No trauma, no drama, just blessed silence pierced by my obnoxious whining. Mooooooaaaaaaaannnnnn.

Update: Kid is NOT a stoner, he's actually pretty funny and nice. The Boy was wrong. Cousin is gone. Now they're all playing XBox. I'm still moaning. Oh, too many teenagers. I feel like I'm going to have a zit eruption any second now. Back to the sofa for more moaning.

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Blogger Blog Antagonist said...

Oh man...being sick and being a Mom SUCKS. I hope you feel better soon. As to your post below...I hear ya. And I agree completely. There will always be those kind of people floating around the internet, but that doesn't mean we have to suffer them gladly.

6/8/07 5:27 PM  
Blogger JaniceNW said...

I even heart you when you're fluish. I got a B on last chem test! I think I did ok on todays. Maybe God does want me to be a nurse?

Feel better soon and don't forget FLUIDS!

6/8/07 6:03 PM  
Anonymous bethany actually said...

I'm glad the friend turned out to be NOT a stoner, and funny & nice to boot.

Get better soon!

6/8/07 7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I so understand- about the teenagers. My 17 year old has friends in & out all the time. She's only allowed to have 1 at a time over when she's babysitting her younger siblings for me (which is 8 am to 10 pm 4 days a week) & I don't even like to let her do that- but the list of friends she's allowed to have over when I'm at work is a short one.
As a compromise though - I allow friends in multiple amounts in on my days off & am always sorry about 2 hours into their visits!

6/8/07 9:47 PM  
Anonymous Becky68 said...

I hit enter instead of space! That was not supposed to be an Anonymous comment!
Sorry & I hope you're feeling better

6/8/07 9:48 PM  
Blogger madamspud169 said...

I guess this is another story whose moral is "you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover".
I'm glad he seemed like a nice "kid" in the end although I don't think I'd let my guard down either.

7/8/07 8:05 AM  
Blogger Mom2Many said...

I am sick today too. Been going between the computer and moaning in bed all day. There is no one here to hear me moan though...LOl. My boy is at camp and hubby is working:-(

7/8/07 11:03 AM  

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