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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Has Blogging Jumped the Shark?

In attempting to stop sleeping during the day, I'm awake and trying to entertain myself with morning TV, coffee, and a book. Finished the book, and decided to pay attention to Martha. What was I thinking? She started out the show today talking about blogging. Martha is blogging on both Facebook and MySpace. What is the deal with adults using MySpace and FaceBook anyhow? I don't get it. My kids both outgrew MySpace last year. It's got the worst interface, it's not really blogging, and it's horribly annoying with all the poking and whatever. FaceBook looks better, but the clubs on anorexia and ganging up on teachers and other kids? Do adults really need to be involved in this silliness?

Martha, who is the queen of perfection. What could she be thinking trying to make herself at home on MySpace? I just cannot imagine her fooling with the blinkies and the animated gifs. Hard to imagine her illustrating crafts and posting recipes on MySpace. I wonder for the future of blogging if Martha is pushing it. It just kinda creeps me out.

I know a lot of musicians have MySpace pages, and a lot of celebrities do as well, mostly to collect 'friends' but do they add any real content to their pages? Or are they basically advertisements for their latest CD or concert tour?

Blogging, like everything else, grows and changes as it gets older. For me, the difference between blogging in 2003 and blogging today is monumental. One of the things I love is that the Queen Bees are changing. Some are losing their audiences, some have closed down their blogs, some have just blogged themselves right out of anything interesting to say. New Queen Bees are coming up, and some of them are excellent writers. Who would have thunk that a blog like Confessions of a Pioneer Woman would have made such a big splash in the blogging world in such a short time? Great writing, excellent pictures, and a wonderful sense of humor keep this blog fresh with every single entry. Or that the Blog Antagonist would gain such a big following based on funeral stories?

One thing that has changed, and in my opinion it's not a great change is all the group Mommy blogs. One or two, fine. But there are way too many of them now, and the same people write for two or three of them, leaving none of them fresh or interesting or unusual. If new voices aren't brought forward, why would you want to read the same old same old two or three times a day? I think it's a big mistake to count on a few bloggers, especially those with the propensity to quit when the going gets tough. Personally, I gave up on all of the aggregated Mommy Blogs long ago and don't even bother to read any of them. I don't see that the content is all that fabulous and they're hard to wade through. I'm sticking with personal blogs.

There's been enough posted about advertising on blogs to fill up our town dump, so I don't think there's that much more to say. But I want to make sure that if you ARE putting ads on your blogs, you're getting revenue from the advertisers. There are a lot of shyster-type ads out there. Beware.

Same goes for paid blogging. If you're being offered $3-$5 a post, you're getting ripped off. The companies won't increase your pay. They'll find someone else who is willing to work for that ridiculous wage. Don't lower your value by accepting payment that is not even minimum wage. It devalues blogging, it devalues your talent, and it allows aggregated blog sites to take advantage of you, knowing that you don't know how much your writing really is worth.

Lastly, if you're interesting in improving your blogging relationships, remember to comment. Comments are how people find your blog. The more you comment, the more you're going to find new blog readers who come to find out what your blog is about. Linking to other blogs works well, especially if you make it a regular part of your blogging. Claiming your blog on Technorati and watching your blog authority numbers. Register your blog with Alexa and watch your numbers fall as you make more blogging relationships. The more blogs that register, the more everyone's numbers change. We all want to make blogging relationships, and besides commenting, joining blogging carnivals and special events, and taking part in regular blogging features like Michele's Meet and Greet, or Works for me Wednesday will increase your blogs audience, get you noticed, and will also introduce you to hundreds of blogs you might not have noticed otherwise.

Keep apprised of blogging events by looking at people's sidebars. The next big event is Blog Action Day on October 15th, where bloggers will be spending the day writing about the environment. Think about participating. It's fun, you'll get exposure, and you might find your new favorite blog!

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Anonymous Sherry said...

I completely agree with you on the paid blogging. I write for several paid blogs aside from my own and I still look at job postings - it is shocking how little some places are willing to pay compared to the good companies that actually understand the value of blogging.

19/9/07 9:58 PM  
Blogger Veronica Mitchell said...

It is interesting how mommybloggers grow outside the medium. A natural progression, I think.

Some good advice here.

20/9/07 8:36 PM  
Blogger Shan said...

Great post. It gave me lots to think about. Thanks.

21/9/07 10:10 PM  

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