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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How to lose 10 lbs in 4 days laying on your ass

Hard to believe it. I've lost 10 freaking pounds since Friday. And, as the doctor says, I'm still not on empty. But I'm empty enough to go home, or so they say. Sometime this afternoon, if all goes well. I've already had Dracula come and draw 5 vials of blood this morning, and I've eaten yet another spectacular breakfast in which they forgot the following items I ordered and appear on my order slip: cream cheese for the bagel, orange juice, cream for the coffee, and my yogurt. But I did finally get a yellow banana!

My rather annoying roomate pooped this morning and left the bathroom door open. This is a serious hospital faux pas. I have no clue as to what she was thinking, since my bed is directly opposite the bathroom door. Ugh. So gross.

I can't wait to get home and take a shower with my own shower gel and shampoo. They give you soap here, which makes me one giant itch, and Johnson's baby shampoo. I don't know why they give adults with a lot of hair JBS because it doesn't clean your hair and leaves it feeling like greasy straw. But maybe that's just me.

Can't wait to see the Girl, whom I haven't laid eyes on since I got here Friday. I miss her, even with her hormones and her mouth. I think she misses me too. I did see the Boy on Sunday, but yesterday he didn't even call me. Out of sight....

I watched the Shrub's speech at the UN this morning. Bush lite. No substance, no firebreathing hell, no stupid threats. A couple of outrageous comments about America being the arbiter of health care for all and feeding the hungry. Evidentally Georgie doesn't get out amoungst the real people all that much. Maybe if he took a stroll around the neighborhood in DC he would get a glimpse of the people without healthcare and food. Meanwhile, he's tossing children just like mine off Medicaid. Fortunately for us, Massachusetts has required health insurance for all, and they won't cut off the kids. But the rest of you lower income, but not poverty level families that use state funded healthcare for your kids; good luck!

My favorite part of Amajorjerk's speech at Colombia yesterday was when he claimed that Iran didn't have homosexuals. Well, of course if you KILL them all, you won't have any left. But honestly, what a moronsky. The laughter of the Colombia audience was pretty humorous, too. I don't know what to think about Colombia's president's speech. You don't invite a guest to your home and then insult them before they're allowed to speak. Bad manners. Had he refuted DinnerJacket's speech afterwards, his words would have held more power and the students would have been able to ask the hard questions. But I'm not sure if it was grandstanding or just trying to cover his ass after asking a terrorist and antisemite into his university. Either way, I don't think he went about it the right way.

I met yesterday with the leading specialist on my heart condition. She's running a genetic study that I'm going to be involved in. She's already identified 8 different gene sequences that can cause my heart disease. She's very interesting and I think I'm going to find this useful, even though it will eventually involve both kids being tested. They have both had baseline echocardiograms, but now they'll have to have they yearly. It's OK with me and they don't mind, but the blood tests they're going to mind. It's only one blood draw though.

Now I have three different cardiologists, all women. That's SO unusual, because cardiology is thought of as a man's domain, but this hospital actually has more women than men in their cardiology department, and actually has a center for women with heart disease. I like having women physicians but I like knowing that women doctors specialize in how heart disease affects women differently than men. That's just too cool.

Gotta go because there's a big meeting of med students going on and I want to hide. Ahem. Talk to you later, hopefully from home.

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Anonymous Becky68 said...

I hope they let you out soon!
Yes- that is so cool about the female cardiologists- I prefer to have a woman doctor too. Reverse sexisim I guess you could say.
Funny I thought the same thing about Amajorjerk's comment on homosexuals too!

25/9/07 1:25 PM  
Blogger Shan said...

My five year old daughter's cardiologist is a woman as well. Something I found very comforting when my daughter was a newborn.

25/9/07 8:59 PM  
Blogger M said...

"You don't invite a guest to your home and then insult them before they're allowed to speak. Bad manners" I am so with you on this--totally inaprropriate. I couldn't believe he thought that was okay.

Glad you are out of the hospital by the way.

26/9/07 4:14 AM  

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